WMM S1E2 - Rewilding the Home


In this episode of Wild Mother Medicine, I talk about what rewilding is to me and what are some first steps we can take to rewilding the home and some of the benefits that come from it.

Show notes:

1) Limit technology

2) Set up your home for movement and interaction

      https://nutritiousmovement.com/furniture-free-freak/ <- link includes a study on this, as well as more links about the furniture free lifestyle

3) Eat Real Food

      The Edible Balcony by Alex Mitchell

4) Get Outside

    Environmental Pediatrics Institute - https://environmentalpediatrics.teachable.com/p/nature-deficit-disorder-basics 

5) Surround yourself with natural things

    My Green Mattress - https://www.mygreenmattress.com/

    Shoes - earth runners and soft stars shoes