Introducing the Wild Mother Medicine Podcast

I have been blogging for around 8 years. I love writing. I loved writing when I was younger, through high school, and even today, enjoy how I can express myself in writing


I struggle at times showing all the little decisions and processes and rabbit trails my mind takes before putting together the information I write.

Those little rabbit trails, as I notice, really contain some beautiful seeds of truth. Its part of the beauty of real conversation - versus the written word on social media.

After playing with this idea of a podcast for some time, and decided now was right.

I am happy to introduce the Wild Mother Medicine Podcast where I talk about rewilding motherhood, magic, and plant medicine.

Where I talk about what I have learned as a woman, as a mother, as an herbalist....

Where I talk about things that I might have written about but often felt like I held back at times to make things more peaceful rather than addressing issues head on. 

Where I hope to reach mothers and let them know that there are not really right and wrongs, black and white...but individual truths and a beautiful spectrum of gray...and how we can use that gray to create peace in ourselves, in our homes, and in our communities. 

Right now, its just me - Raven. 

You can find this podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher starting on August 13th, 2018.

Show notes are posted here and I welcome comments to discuss further. Questions or ideas can be emailed to me through the contact page.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the episodes.

Raven McGinnityComment