I created this program after seeing so much of the mental, emotional, and spiritual side being left out of birth worker (doula) training. Its left out of childbirth education courses, and it barely discussed in many pregnancy books. Its missing.

But its a side of the work that NEEDS to be shared along with our physical work.

Its was also missing training in herbs, aromatherapy, Reiki, flower essences, and moxibustion. Tools that have been used for generations to support mothers in their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods.

In this program you will get the head, hands, and heart knowledge to carry to the mother to nurture and nourish her and her family during this beautiful, transformational time.

Head - here we will cover the knowledge of birth - labor stages, myths, hormones, inductions, newborn procedures etc. Here I present what informed consent really means and what it looks like, so that we can teach mothers how to stand strong in her decisions.

Heart - this is where we address the mental, emotional, and spiritual side. The mother is going through a huge transformation which can stir all sorts of emotions. We learn about creating sacred space, holding space, and what we can use in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum to support the mother and family.

Hands - here is when we get our hands on experience. The workshop is a mandatory step in receiving the designation of "Sacred Elemental Birth Worker" but there is also 3 births required for designation. 

We need all three aspects for a whole birth worker to help mothers feel whole and well.