I woke up and was in good spirits. A little nervous about what was coming (thanks Google) but it was the right decision for me.

I was told at the clinic to wait until the girls were in bed, since I was doing this alone, but I started to get antsy so after lunch I went ahead and took the misoprostol.

Even before the 30 minutes of holding it in your mouth was up, I started cramping. I was nauseous but I never threw up.

Then the cramping got serious. I had taken the ibuprofen as directed but nothing was touching it.

Then, my birth experience and doula training kicked in.

In labor, the first part is all about the cervix effacing (thinning) and dilating (opening). Contractions aid in this (you can effacing and dilate before experience contractions but only so much). 

All these cramps I was experience was just my body dilating my cervix. This is needed.

It is different than in labor because, well, your body wasn't expecting this yet.

Once I was able to remember that, it got better. 

I visualized my cervix opening.

I let go of ALL tension in my body, surrendering to the process.

I kept reminding myself to breathe...either normally or deeply...but I tend to hold my breath (many do) while in pain. 

That helped immensely.

Then I drew a hot bath with magnesium flakes and got in, just like if I was experiencing a water birth.

I visualized the tissue leaving my body and returning to the earth. To Mother earth who will nurture and care for the baby much better than I ever could have.

The intense cramping lasted for a few hours.

I never experienced any nausea after the first hour.

Twice, large pieces of tissue passed and I knew it was over.

I went into bed with the heating pad and just watched a show, while drinking tea, water Dr Pepper...and snacking as I needed to.

I went to bed at about 8pm that night and slept through the night.

Woke up fine the next day but still took the day to rest.