"I am so impressed with the flower essence Raven made me specifically for forging strength. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed and created something beautiful specifically for me. I use it consistently every day and have noticed such a change in my ability to handle things. I have tried flower essences before, and I have never had even remotely as positive of a result as I have had with this one. Thank you so much Raven!"                             

                      -Liz S., flower essence consult

"Green salve is a wonderful thing to have if you have dry skin, better than any over the counter moisturizer. The best thing for me was that it really helped my eczema on my face. A little goes a long way and make sure to rub it in good, the heat helps to transfer the best of the product. I will never be without the green salve. I use it everyday."                   

                      -Mish G.

"I have been so amazed with how much the honeysuckle is helping my anxiety! It is amazing the difference its made for me."

                     -Helen B. 

"Thanks to Raven’s doula services, I had a wonderful and calm birth experience. She was an amazing presence and helped encourage me and my husband from start to finish. Right from the first phone call, she was calm and reassuring and it was very helpful to have her experience and expertise when I was doubtful about the progression of labor. Again, her demeanor and expertise were invaluable when I was nearing the end of my labor. I was tired and starting to question whether I could do this amazing, awesome, scary thing and Raven was right there to reassure me. When it was time to deliver, she helped me focus on the process and using my body’s natural cues to efficiently and quickly give birth. She was also wonderful at keeping my husband involved and and an active participant in the process, ensuring he was comforting me, holding me and near me. It was never a question of her versus him, but rather a team effort. Raven was an integral part to having the natural birth experience I wanted and we are so thankful she was there."

                   -Sarah L.

Raven truly is the definition of a Pioneer Woman who is centered in knowledge of what it takes to help a postpartum mother (especially a first-time postpartum mother) as well as a natural creator of using herbs, oils and your body as a way to heal and grow in strength before and after your baby makes his/her way into the world! I was privileged to have Raven complete a placenta encapsulation shortly after giving birth to my son. She drove 3 hours to make sure this was done properly. She allowed the natural energy of my house to aid in this process along with some of her natural oils and aromas as well! She walked me step-by-step through the whole process and then before she started we examined my placenta together (which was extremely interesting and helpful). Later on that evening, Raven also taught my husband and I how to belly-bind as well as sharing all the benefits that come along with binding! After the placenta encapsulation was complete she informed me of all the details regarding consumption of the pills as well as benefits, proper dosages and time frames of taking dosages! The whole process was such an important part of my journey into being a postpartum mother and I'm so grateful that Raven took her valuable time to share her intuition, knowledge, skills, positive energy and love with everything she has to offer. She has a very special gift of making you feel empowered to be the best mother you can be! Last but not least, even after a year of giving birth to my son, Raven is always open to questions and concerns regarding motherhood! She is an invaluable resource and she is always willing to help anyway she can! You have a life-long sister with Raven.

           - Roxanne Z.

This is the second time I have bought Elderberry syrup from Raven. Have been happy both times. Definitely a quality product.

     -Melissa R. from Etsy

I consulted with Raven about fears I was having as I near the end of my second pregnancy. She was amazing, asking questions I would've never thought to ask and most importantly she assured me my feelings were valid and common. The custom essence she created for me has been such a blessing. I no longer feel the unending fears that were taking my joy of what's to come. This flower essence has given me so much more appreciation for plant medicine.

     -Chelsea M. flower essence consult

Raven created a blend of flower essences to assist me in easing my daily anxieties and other mental health problems. Once taking it daily, I quickly noticed the difference it made and was very happy with the gentle assistance it provided for me. While traveling recently, I accidentally left my blend at home and was shocked to notice a rise in my anxieties and other daily issues. I'm very pleased with the results of my flower essence blend and will be continuing to take them regularly.

     -Monica F.  flower essence consult

Raven was an absolute God send as a doula for my labor and delivery experience. She provided great information for preparing for labor, and possibly more importantly- easing my husband's mind about a natural birth approach. We had two prenatal appointments in the comfort of our own home. At 36 weeks on she was on call and available for me, which was great help with my husband being in the field for training one of those weeks and I was all alone. I was temporarily admitted at 40 weeks to turn my breech baby and she was at the hospital immediately to see us through that stay and be with my husband while I was in the OR. 5 days later my water broke and labor had to be induced. Raven was with us for 37 selfless hours as my labor was extremely slow. She was my advocate when I was being pushed into things she knew I didn't want, and was there to tell me that my decisions were valid. Raven was a perfect asset to our birth by helping direct my husband and I through positioning, breathing, and relaxation. I cannot imagine enduring what I did without her by our side. After birth she made two house visits to check on me and help give me a break and care for my son and help with breastfeeding. She also gave me amazing herbs, salves, and nourishing broths and soup to help me recover. If I could take her with me for any future birth, I would hands down!!! Thanks so much Raven for your amazing talents!

     -Bethany C. 

When my one breast became painfully engorged, I was so worried about potential mastitis, and, silly as it may sound, I was feeling like I was failing my newborn daughter, as it appeared that she might not have been able to receive enough milk from me alone. I wasn't sure if the plugged duct would work because I'd had surgery on it previously. I was prepared with formula, just in case, but then my husband spoke to yours, and you gave us the advice that would save the day! Changing nursing positions (and, truly, the comfort of having someone who had my back and was there for me without a second thought - you!) did the trick, and my sweet little love has been able to nurse successfully ever since!

-Melissa W.

Raven is such a light. Her genuine care shines through each session and she truly knows what it means to care for women of every stage and season. In everything she does, she brings love and a great sense of deep understanding. I have done a whole health consult with Raven to address some severe eczema flares and menstrual issues and it was exactly what I needed to better understand my body's needs and to begin healing. I look forward to consults with Raven as I move through new seasons and I deeply value her care and support.

-Michelle M.