Sustainable Book Club

What exactly is a sustainable book club? Well, its more about what we focus our reading on!

In this book club we will be focusing on sustainable living - from food, farming, and our personal impact of this planet.

A majority of the selections will feature titles from Chelsea Green Books, which has quickly become a favorite of mine with many great titles to choose from.

The pace is 1 book every 2 months. We all have busy lives so lets keep this…..sustainable!

It is incredibly important to form community (especially outside Facebook) so you won’t find a FB group for this book club - information about the upcoming book club meeting and book title will be available through the newsletter and the workshops page. If you aren’t part of the newsletter yet - sign up here.

Meetings are held via Zoom and I will try to keep it to an hour (but no promises if the conversation is just too juicy).

The first meeting is in January and the title is Eager by Ben Goldfarb

Required donation is $30 for the year to cover admin costs. Contact me to pay.

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