Serving the Community -

With Support from the Community

Power silk from Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Retreat in the beautiful AMAZING Finland. 2016

Power silk from Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Retreat in the beautiful AMAZING Finland. 2016

In able to serve the community while still providing for my family, support from the community is crucial. Well supported and healthy moms go through life feeling more capable in raising their children - thus raising a happier, healthier next generation.

This creates more sustainable communities in both physical and mental health.

I love offering the village prenatals for free or by donation, but they do incur costs. By donating to Raven & Oak, I can continue to offer village prenatals, low cost childbirth education, free spots at workshops, and keep the lights on while I work as an herbalist and midwife.

This all works to keep holistic, wise woman care more accessible to those who want it.

I am currently looking to raise $2500 to help finish gathering good quality tools & herbs for births as well as more tools for educating moms. Once everything is purchased, the remaining money will go into covering the operating costs of the village prenatals and spots at workshops.

For those interested in donating, to me and what I do, you can send donations through Paypal to or click the donate button below.


Here is general list of things I am looking to purchase with donations:

  • Hemoglobin tester with cartridges

  • Birth pool

  • A fully stocked home birth kit (underpads, scrub brushes, pads, panties etc.. in case a family can’t afford a kit)

  • Childbirth and breastfeeding education models

  • Rebozos for childbirth classes - supporting small handmade woman owned businesses

  • US grown herbs for tinctures, baths, and teas

  • Organic grape alcohol for high quality gluten free tinctures

Did you know that all of the money from My Holistic Birth and Postpartum Planner/Journal goes into the village prenatals? Check it out here!

Don’t forget to check out the blog for all the free content on herbal medicine making, holistic pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and what I do here at Raven & Oak.