Shop Policies and FAQ

When I shop for products - from household to plant medicine - I like to be able to know as much about a shop as I can. Here are the frequently asked questions of my apothecary. To learn more about me (Raven), head on over to my about page. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.


Where Do You Source Your Herbs?

I strive to source my herbs in the following order:

  • Cultivated or sustainably wildharvested by me*

  • Local (within 100 miles)

  • Regional (neighboring states)

  • Small herb farms in the United States

  • Herb companies like Mountain Rose or Frontier (but organic and grown in US)

For herbs/spices not grown in the US, I buy fair trade and organic and only if no suitable US herb “alternative” is available.

My beeswax is from local beekeepers - either rendered by them or rendered in our home.

*I do not wild harvest at-risk plants. If I am buying an herb that is listed at-risk, I check to ensure that its either cultivated or sustainably wildharvested (such as slippery elm from downed limbs, not living trees).


Packaging and Shipping

By Summer Solstice 2019, all of our packaging and shipping products will be from 100% recycled materials - most, if not all, are compostable, recyclable, and/or reusable. I try to reuse packaging material FIRST. You can learn more about our packaging from EcoEnclose.

On products that get bottled on demand (such as Calendula oil), you have the option of choosing a reused bottle rather than a new bottle. These bottles have been cleaned and sanitized before reuse - and since we are an essential oil free business, you don’t need to worry about essential oil residue. If you are concerned about allergies, you still have the option of a new bottle!

You can also send your old bottle back (don’t forget the lid) for us to clean and reuse….and you get a slight discount for your next order (amount depends on type of bottle).

I now ship once a week on Tuesdays. This helps to ensure I am spending my time with the plants and making the best plant medicine for my family and for you. It also helps reduce waste on shipping labels.

nettle fresh.jpg

Refunds and Returns

Because of the nature of our products, we do not accept returns. Please read the entire product description and ingredient list before purchasing. If you have further questions, contact me.*

If there is something wrong with the product, contact us to discuss options.

*Please note, I will NOT share information that will allow you to copy our products. I offer lots of information on my blog and offer workshops that teach how to make remedies.


By purchasing an item or service, you are agreeing to the Terms of Association of the Raven and Oak Private Membership Association.