Sacred Elemental Birth & Fertility

The decision to bring a baby into this world is one that is not taken lightly, nor should the journey from conception to motherhood be taken alone. I have brought 5 babies of my own into this world and have experience first hand how incredibly needed holistic care for this transition is needed. I would be honored to walk with you on this journey.

Photo credit to Sari Mattesson photography

Photo credit to Sari Mattesson photography


Why Sacred Elemental?

In our world, and in ourselves, we embody the 4 natural elements: earth, fire, air, and water. Then the 5th of spirit. All 5 elements present themselves in not just the physical but the emotional, mental, and spiritual. An imbalance of one (whether too much or too little) throws us off and I wanted my life and my practice to be focused on restoring and honoring the elements in ourselves. I have seen a huge change in my health, all aspects, since embracing the elements and I want to share that with you.


I am currently only accepting postpartum doula care clients through December 2019. We are moving in early 2020. I can refer you to another amazing doula/traditional birth attendant, just contact me.

Holistic Birth Doula Care

Birth is a transformative time - the time of stepping from maiden to mother - and is quite often approached with fear as the predominant emotion. I understand. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can approach birth with excitement, calm, and peace (and don’t worry, a little bit of fear is fine!). As your holistic birth doula, we start by meeting each other to ensure that we are comfortable with each other. If all is well, we will then meet two times in that last part of your pregnancy to work on comfort techniques, mental and emotional preparation, partner preparation, birth plans, energy work, sibling preparation, and postpartum preparation. If a third time is needed, we will meet again. I am available for questions and talking outside of our appointments as well! Appointments are usually 2 hours long but can adjust based on YOUR needs.

Starting at 38 weeks, I go on call for you. I will stay on call until baby comes! If during the day you need support or encouragement (that last month can feel long), I am available to chat. When labor comes, I am at your side providing all the support I can give you as your doula.

Once baby is earth side, I will stay for 2 hours after birth to help with that first nursing session, helping you get situated after birth, cook a meal or snack for you, and help your partner and/or midwife clean up.

Then I will visit you at home 3 days postpartum to check up on your, help with nursing, help with any household tasks, be an ear to listen - anything you need support from.  We will talk again about what to expect during those first few days.

At 7 days postpartum, I will visit you again to see how you are doing, to help in anyway I can.

the holistic birth doula package includes:

  • 2 to 3, 2 hour prenatal appointments to prepare and connect for birth

  • On call from 38 weeks on

  • Continuous support during labor

  • 2 hour initial postpartum support

  • 2 , 2 hour postpartum home visits

  • 1/2 gallon homemade nourishing soup

  • 1 qt homemade bone broth

  • 1 cup Nettle/Oatstraw/Red Raspberry leaf mixture for nourishing infusion

  • 1 package of postpartum herbal sitz bath

Food and herbs are all delivered at your first postpartum visit.

Cost: $600

*Purchasing this package entitles a 50% discount on belly binding, moxibustion, energy sessions, and postpartum encapsulation

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Gentle Cesarean Doula

For moms seeking support with scheduled cesarean births. Yes, you need and deserve support too! During your postpartum time, I am available for questions you may have via call, text, or email.

  • 1, 2 hour prenatal appointment (this is in addition to our “getting to know each other time”)

  • 2 hour in hospital pre-cesarean support

  • 3 hour in hospital post-cesarean support

  • 3, 2 hour postpartum home visits

  • Sacred Green healing salve

Cost: $200

Purchase of Gentle Cesarean package entitles moms to 25% off belly binding (done at 6 weeks postpartum)

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Holistic Postpartum Care

This time of the journey is very often neglected, especially here in the United States. In truth, it is just as important as the pregnancy and birth! How a woman is treated during her postpartum time sets the foundation in her new role as a mother. Lets treat her like the Goddess she is!

This holistic postpartum care package includes:

  • 10 hours of postpartum doula care - 2 hours a day for 5 days - consecutive or every other day

  • breastfeeding support

  • postpartum healing help (herbs, essential oils, flower essences, homeopathics, energy work - whatever is needed for YOU)

  • postpartum moxibustion or hot stone abdominal press -3 sessions

  • Bengkung belly binding - 3 sessions and bind

  • pelvic floor education and alignment work

  • house work

  • meal preparation

  • 1/2 gallon of homemade soup

  • 1 qt homemade bone broth

  • 1 cup of Nettle, Oatstraw, and Red raspberry leaf for nourishing infusions

  • 1 package of postpartum herbal sitz bath

  • support via email, phone, or text when I’m not at your home

Cost: $450, individual hours are available

*Purchasing this package entitles you to a 50% discount on placenta encapsulation

holistic postpartum care sacred elemental birth and fertility

Conscious Conception

Whether you are looking to maximize your health before conceiving or are needing more support while trying to conceive, this is for you.

We will meet and talk about charting, reproductive anatomy and physiology, diet, and herbs for wellness preconception - for both you and your partner. This also includes diet, lifestyle, and herbs for those struggling with infertility. This is a 2 hour appointment. You have the option of a 15 minute womb energy session following this appointment.

I then ask that you chart and work on what fits for you for 3 months before we have our next meeting. You can send me your chart at the end of every cycle and we can discuss what you are seeing/feeling and what I am seeing/feeling to help increase your confidence in charting.

After 3 months of charting, we meet again to look over all 3 cycles. This will help give us a good picture of your health and give you confidence in reading your signs of ovulation. This appointment is also 2 hours and you have an option to have another 15 minutes womb energy session.

Keep charting because we will meet again in 3 months to see how your conception journey is progressing, see if any adjustments are needed. If you are pregnant - talk about what sort of things you can do in early pregnancy as remedies and for wellness.

The conscious conception package includes:

  • 3 - 2 hour appointments to discuss your conscious conception plan

  • instruction in charting, paper charts, and thermometer

  • womb energy sessions with crystals and flower essences

  • 2 cups of herbs for nourishing infusions (to be decided at appointments)

Cost: $220*

*Purchasing this package entitles you to a 25% discount on holistic birth doula services


Individual Offerings


bengkung belly binding

$150, wrap, abdominal rub, and paste included.

*service provided at home for those up to 1 hour away from me, small fee for outside of that area

postpartum moxibustion

3 sessions in home- $120

*available for those up to 30 minutes from me, small fee for outside that area

3 sessions in my wellness room - $60

additional sessions, in wellness room - $20 each

bind and moxibustion package

$200 - 3 sessions on binding and moxibustion, in home

*available for those up to 30 minutes from me

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Womb Focused Energy Sessions

6 - 1 hour long sessions


*service provided in your home if you are within 6 weeks postpartum, otherwise in my wellness room

placenta encapsulatio.jpg

placenta encapsulation


*service provided in home, up to 1 hour from my location, small fee for those outside that area

Closing the Bones ceremony

This beautiful healing ceremony, from our sisters in Latin America, to help the you (the mother) physically, emotionally, and energetically, transition from maiden to motherhood. Its an honoring of YOU and YOUR BODY for all that you have done and build you up for what your body will do over the coming years.

It starts with a beautiful milk and honey foot bath (can be substituted if vegan) with tea and moves into the tucking in with rebozos as a blessing is said over each part that is “tucked in”.

After some time, the rebozos are removed and we move into a stone abdominal rub. This is followed by a herbal warming paste and a Bengkung belly bind session. The warmth is to help prevent coldness in your body, leaving her vulnerable to slow healing and anxiety.

This ceremony is done in your home and can be done with just the two of us or with a group of your biggest woman supporters.

Cost: $200

Community Offerings

For those in central Louisiana: Fort Polk, Leesville, DeRidder, and Alexandria areas, I offer the following offerings for the community!

Yoni Steam Circle

Once a month, on the Saturday nearest the full moon - come and gather for a yoni steam circle.

If you want to bring your own yoni blend, the fee is waived. See “classes” section for upcoming dates.

Cost: $15

Village Prenatals

Come and gather with other expecting mothers as we discuss our pregnancies, our lives, our fears, our joys….just sharing what needs to be shared! Please bring a snack to share, herbal tea will be provided.

VP are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month, please see “classes” tab for upcoming dates.

Donations accepted but no cost to attend

Photo credit: Sari Mattesson photography

Photo credit: Sari Mattesson photography


Searching for a birth photographer? Check out Dannielle Hale - The Birth Lens

If you are local to me, here is a list of local resources available to you: Fort Polk, Leesville, Deridder, and Surrounding Areas Pregnancy, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, and Bereavement services

If you are having or considering an unassisted pregnancy or childbirth, please contact me! I have a HUGE passion for UP/UC (being part of it myself) and would love to connect and serve in anyway I can.

For abortion support services - contact me

For sage-femme services - contact me.

To get started on ANY of the offerings listed, please contact me. There is a free 15 minute appointment to just talk to see if we are a good fit for each other or to help figure out offering is a good fit for you!

I currently offer my full spectrum of birth and doula services to the women and families of Fort Polk, Leesville, Deridder, and surrounding areas here in central Louisiana.