You Deserve

Your body is divine.

It heals itself.

It protects itself.

It speaks to us when something isn't right.

It deserves to be treated gently.

With the rise of unsafe essential oil use, I am angered and saddened at how many people are using such strong, potent, medicine on their body....when its not needed.

You don't need to put a blend of 5 essential oils...2 of which can cause skin irritation, 1 of which can cause burns when exposed to sun, 2 of which are strong with 1,8 your water, in your diffuser, in your laundry, on every surface of your "prevent colds/flu"...when a single oil will do...when rest, healthy food and WHOLE PLANT remedies have been proven to be more effective without the risks.

You don't need to drop 10-20 drops of an essential oil in your bath, when 1-3 in a carrier oil will do...or better yet, a quart of strong tea added to the bath can be even better.

You don't need a cocktail of essential oils in your skin care, when just a plain carrier oil will help immensely.

I understand that your time is valuable and using essential oils is faster and easier than taking the time to use whole plants or learn about whole plant medicine.

But with that convenience, there comes risk.

The amount of Peppermint tea you would have to drink to equal that Peppermint essential oil would make you sick. That is a regulatory action by our body to prevent too much of the plant from getting into our body (especially an extracted part as strong as the volatile oils).

The injuries reported from these essential oils are cause for concern. 80% of them come from unsafe usage!

Don't risk hurting yourself in hopes that these will provide miraculous healing.

They aren't meant to be our only natural remedies, they aren't even meant to be a large portion of our natural medicine cabinet.

Nurture yourself gently, because you body can do it on its own with a loving nudge from the whole plant, and in most cases, do it better.

Don't spend the money you worked so hard for buying overpriced essential oils from companies that don't allow you to see the quality reports....that aren't even organic...and have no proof of being higher quality.

Don't trust the companies that tell you that their essential oils are FDA approved because the FDA also approved artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and partially hydrogenated oils....all of which we know are terrible for us.

Trust the plants, the whole plant. The living plants that have the perfect, sacred balance of constituents. The plants that have been used since the dawn of creation for food and for health.

You deserve to take your plant medicine and know that you are getting everything from the plant. 

You deserve to use safe medicine. 

You deserve because you are good.

For a list of the companies I love and trust, you can visit the page "Companies I Support". If you have any questions, you can also contact me.