Wild Garlic and Chickweed Pesto

Our house here in Missouri is abundant in Wild garlic and Chickweed. It almost feels like it outnumbers the grass...oh darn, right?

I love adding wild edibles into our diet, especially when they are ripe for the picking. Since Chickweed and Wild garlic are making their appearance here on our property....why not mix up a little Wild Garlic and Chickweed Pesto!!

This recipe was not exact. Use what you have! While I don't mind the spice of garlic, our girls aren't as big of fans (yet). I opted to use mainly the scapes and half of the bulbs...please feel free to add all the bulbs!

Wild Garlic and Chickweed Pesto


  • Handful of washed Wild garlic with scapes (green tops)
  • Handful of washed Chickweed leaves (stems are okay)
  • Olive oil (about 1/2 cup)
  • Parmesan cheese (1/4 cup but I just dumped some in)

To Make:

Add all the ingredients to your food processor of choice. I used our Nutri-bullet. Blend.

To make it less runny - add greens.

To make it more runny - add olive oil.

How simple is that?! I always avoiding making so many things because I expected it to be super complicated but imagine my surprise when I easily whipped up pesto. I felt like a chef!

Now - wild garlic will have a strong smell. If you find that your plant doesn't smell like garlic...it isn't garlic. Put it down and walk away. Don't force the plant to fit.

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