Why I Like Headspace

Warning - this post will probably sound like a sponsored post. I don't have sponsors on my website so I was not paid or gifted anything for this post. I talked about meditation and what it has done for me on Instagram a few days ago.

This post I am sharing what I used to get my in the rhythm before I was able to branch out and guide myself.


Headspace is both a website and an app. You can get your first 10 days free and then pay a yearly fee of around $95.

Here is why I like it so much that I gladly paid the fee:

1) Short Sessions

When you are first starting out, sitting for an hour in meditation seems impossible. We aren't sure when we have the time for it or that we could actually sit that long.

Then, even as we do get better at it, some days get busy so we don't feel like we could take an extended time of meditation (even though we need it).

Sessions in Headspace average about 10 minutes. Some are shorter, some are longer but a majority of them, especially in the basics are 10 minutes. Great for those starting out!

2) Multiple Packs

When you start with Headspace, you start in the basics. There are 3 basic packs. The first is the free one and then they gradually incorporate more focus - such as why you are doing Headspace - as you go. 

Once you have a membership, you get access to a LOT of packs. Packs designed for depression, anxiety, sleep, pregnancy,  coping with cancer, pain....regret, grief....self esteem, appreciation, kindness. There are so many packs that you could easily meditate for a year and not get through them all.

Many of them run for 30 sessions so you get you the chance to really institute what you are learning and releasing.

3) Singles

Not only does Headspace offer packs to work through, there are individual sessions that you can pull up when you need them

There is an SOS section for feeling overwhelmed, flustered, or loosing your temper. 

Morning and evening session....sleep sounds.

There are even sessions for going into interview, flying, and exams.

It was actually one of these individual sessions that got me hooked on Headspace. When the girls and I were moving back from Belgium (international flight with 4 children by myself is a terrifying)...there on the individual screen was Headspace and the session for me was "flying with children" Yes, please!

4) Kids

Headspace even offers a section for children. It even breaks it down into multiple age groups and the meditations can be from 1-5 minutes for the younger crowd (you choose how long).

Establishing a good meditation practice in children helps them to adjust to whatever life throws at them in a much more relaxed and confident manner.

5) Accountability

Headspace tracks how many minutes you have meditated and how many days in a row you have done it. At certain points it gets excited for you and throws you a party! Kidding, kind of. You do earn ribbons in your account for completing so many days in a row.

Plus, you can link up with your friends...not for competition but to help keep you both accountable. If you friend wants to meditate 30 days in a row, you can see if they are following through with that or not. In this disconnected society, its nice knowing that someone does care and is working with you to help you meet a goal.

So there you have it, why I like Headspace.

Yes, I do believe meditation is crucial to our health. It looks different for everyone but sometimes we need a little guidance to help get us going. For me, it was Headspace.

I still use it to this day when I fail to get my own meditation in (currently focusing a lot of the chakras) and as I am currently trying to disconnect to social media....the addiction is real....I fin myself reaching for it quite a bit.

Do you meditate? What are you favorite tools? Have you tried Headspace before?