What Does an Herbal Consult Look Like?

When I first started on my path in plant medicine, it was really just to treat my family. Once I started studying, I realized that plant medicine needs to be available to as many people as possible.

And the only way we can do that, is by offering our services as herbalist....whether in a clinical setting, through teaching workshops, or right here online.

I choose to do all 3, as do several herbalist.

However, taking a trip to the herbalist is something that seems foreign.

What goes on at a consult? What all goes into a consult?

While I can't speak for any herbalist other than myself, here is what to expect when getting ready for an herbal consult with me.

1) Paperwork

For acute consults, the paperwork isn't much, just a disclosure form.

For chronic care consults, I send you about 5 pages to fill out with your health history, medications, and diet...as well as the disclosure form. This helps me to get a whole picture of your health.

This paperwork needs to be received 24 hours before setting up your initial report, giving me time to read it and start preparing for our appointment.

2) Initial Meeting

For in person meetings, we meet in my home and this is where we spend the time talking. We talk about your needs, your wants, your goals. Any questions I had about your paperwork is asked (and hopefully answered) and we start working through recommendations in herbs, flower essences, essential oils, diet, and lifestyle changes to support your goals.

For distance consults, its very much the same except that we are doing it via video chat.

For both, you are free to ask questions pertaining to your consult for the entire length (12 weeks for chronic care, 1 week for acute) of our time.

Chronic care consults will get a custom tea blend for them and will be shipped out when it is ready, usually 3-5 days.

3)  First Follow Up

For chronic care, 4-6 weeks later we meet again to discuss how things have been going for you and if any changes to the plan is needed.

For acute care, 1 week later we talk via video chat or phone, it make sure everything is working for you.

4) Last Follow Up

This is for chronic care consults and happen about 4-6 weeks after the first follow up. We continue to see how you are progressing and if anything needs tweaked. We will then discuss more long term goals and how to meet them.

Scheduling an appointment

Here on my website, hover over "work with me" and select "book services" then you can choose your time for a consult. If the spot is open on my calendar, it will be open for you to schedule an appointment. I get notified right away when you schedule it so then I can get any paperwork emailed to you.

Paying for an appointment

After scheduling an appointment, I will send you an invoice for the consult. This requires a paypal address.

For those local to me, I accept cash and credit/debit cards through Square.

I do offer payment plans for those needing them, so contact me before booking the appointment to work it out. It does require 50% of the fee initially.

I look forward to working with you soon!