What Does a Flower Essence Consult Look Like?

Flower essences are one of my favorite things to work. They are gentle enough for everyone and have no side effects or contraindications to worry about. They can really help up in this stressful age.

Finding the right flower essence is key to get the most out of them. With so many different options to chose from (and even minor discrepencies based on who makes them), having a flower essence consult with a practitioner is incredibly helpful.

Even after using flower essences for a few years, I still approached a practitioner to help me with my PTSD. After that, I trained to become one because it changed everything.

So, what does a flower essence consult look like...or sound like?

1) Initial Meeting

Here is where we get talking. You tell me what is going on and I listen. I don't try to fix anything I will ask questions to clarify things but I just want to hear you.

If you are wondering why, there are certain phrases or key words that can jump out at us to decide what direction to start heading.

Then of course, we talk about what you want to feel like. 

Once you are done, I will talk about a couple remedies I would like to try, tell you the purpose of them, how to use the custom blend you will get.

This consult can be done in person or via video chat.

2) 1 week later

By 1 week after our initial consult, your custom flower essence blend will be shipped to you. This is included in the fee for consult..

3) Follow Up

4-6 weeks later, we meet up again to see how things are working for you. You can tell me if you want to continue with the blend or order a new custom blend to help with anything that has come up with using your first blend (many times, new emotions will arise once vibrations are adjusting).

Scheduling a flower essence consult

Using my "book services" page, you can select your appointment type and when you want to meet with me. Its that simple! If the time is open, you are free to book!

Paying for consult

Upon booking your consult, I will send you a paypal invoice for payment. I do offer payment plans but they still require 50% of the cost initially.

For those in person, I accept cash and credit/debit cards using Square (I have a chip reader for security).

For those interested in ordering just my handmade flower essences, those will be available in my shop here on my website starting on the summer solstice in 2018. 

Don't forget, local folks, that in May, I will be offering a Flower Essence Workshop! Come and learn how to make a flower essence from beginning to end and walk away with a custom blend.