The Story of Yellow Jessamine

On Thursdays, we go out to a local nature area. 

While we have woods behind the house, getting out of the house helps us reset and establish a nice weekly rhythm. 

On our first week out, we were walking down the path and noticed yellow flowers at our feet. We looked up to the treetops, searching for where these beautiful yellow flowers came from.

My oldest was the first to spot another yellow flower high up. There was only a few of them but there was no mistaking that is where the flowers came from.

As we continued down the path, there we no more flowers, just in that one spot.

We grabbed one off the ground on our way back to the car and sat at a picnic table to see if we could identify it.

After pouring through the Peterson guide, I landed on yellow Jessmine. The description mentioned its intoxicating sweet scent and we were not disappointed. It also mentioned that death can occur from eating 1 flower but that it has traditional medicinal uses.

We carried the flower home with us to show Oaken.

As the Spring continued, Yellow Jessamine was popping up everywhere. All along the roads these bright yellow flowers stood out amount the green. I knew I needed to make a flower essence from them, sensing that them bursting forth before anything else surely would make for a fantastic essence.

But they all seemed sad. I have theories about the sadness, Fort Polk is riddled with negative energy...from how the land was acquired, to what kind of training is done here....and there are many accounts of hauntings in the homes here.

I couldn't make an essence from sad flowers.

So I decided not to make an essence. I didn't struggle with that decision because I trust my intuition.

Then, I went on walk in the woods behind our home. As we walked along the grass path Jessamine just kept jumping out and we after one of the short curves, a healthy collection leaped into sight.

These were happy Jessamine.

yellow jessamine

More and more collections of Jessamine that were undeniably joyful guided me further and further into the woods.

I knew these would be the flowers I could make an essence from.

The only problem that remained was that I still didn't have a message from them about how they wanted to be used.

But, I went out the next day with my bowl and water and as soon as the first Jessmine flower came into they wanted to be used washed over me like the downpour of rain. I knew they wanted to be used to bring joy and hope to someone on a journey, even if they don't know what that journey is yet.

yellow jessamine

And she continued to lead me...deeper and deeper into the woods...gathering only a few flowers here and a few flowers there, sprinkling tobacco in gratitude.

Once I got the message that I had enough flowers, I put the lid on the bowl and returned home.

The sun was not out when I got home (cloudy) but I put them out where I knew full sun would hit when it came...and sure enough Mother Earth provided the sun to complete the flower essence. 

I strained and bottled, with my favorite Missouri vodka as the preserving agent and created the label.

She now sits in company of my Native Rose and Honeysuckle flower essence mothers waiting for the time when she is called upon.

At this time, Jessamine will not be available for purchase in my shop. Raven & Oak Herbals will be on vacation for a bit starting on the new moon in March (17th). Once we open again, she may be there but I do not make all my flower essences for sale. For those who come for flower essence consults, she is available for use in custom blends (and you can ask for her individually as well).