The Story of Wild Azalea

It is not a secret.

I am struggling here at Fort Polk.

Oaken was assigned here out of spite. I know in the military this is a joke that gets passed around about Fort Polk but he really was. When you tell your LTC to fuck off (I'm paraphrasing) because he denied a reassignment based on HIS disbelief of my sexual assault...despite a CID case, ACS report, local police report, AND medical paperwork....they kind of take offense to that.

So here we are.

We moved here in December and it was dreary. Green but dreary. It wasn't cold temperature wise but it chilled you to the bone and I failed to get warm, even with a space heater in whatever room I was in. Even the locals struggled with it.

Not a good start for our arrival here. 

Thankfully the house we moved into backs up to the woods so I can find some solace there. And I do. I go to the woods whenever I can and I can feel it on the days that I don't.

I talked about the sadness I saw in the the flowers here, specifically with the Yellow Jessamine, one of the first flowers blooming here. While I sometimes wonder whether the sadness I saw was just a reflection of the sadness of my heart, this place depresses many people.

But there is hope.

There is something to be found here.

wild azalea

This is the message I found in Wild Azalea.

As with many manufactured neighborhoods, shrubs are brought in to landscape. Here, there are a few Azalea shrubs purposefully planted.

The one I am talking about today, was not planted. It just grew.

A few days after finishing the Yellow Jessamine flower essence, I looked out my kitchen window and saw a flash of pink just in the treeline.

I darted out to look and felt such joy that another flower has come. It was pink but closed still. I snapped a few pictures and shared with a plant group which quickly helped me identify it. 

wild azalea

I make it a rule to not use a plant for a flower essence unless it feels right, this feeling comes from continuing to communicate with plants and strengthening my intuition. Sometimes I know I will be able to make an essence out of it but I have to wait until it feels like the right moment. 

This was the case with Azalea. I knew she would allow me to make an essence but I had to wait. So wait I did. I saw the blooms come, still I waited. 3 days after all the blooms opened, I looked at her and knew it was time.

Much like Yellow Jessamine, however, I still didn't know what to she wanted to be used for. Then, I looked at her from my sliding door and smiled.

She was for those of us who feel out of place where we are.

Like we don't fit in, or that we aren't meant to be there.

Its for keeping our spirits up and helping us keep joyful when we don't like where we are.

I believe this particular planting of Azalea was brought to that location either by an animal or a child. It matches the Azaleas planted in the neighborhood but this one is in the woods and is growing wildly...joyfully...where she is. 

Alas, Wild Azalea wants us to do the same. To grow wildly and joyfully where we are, even if we seem out of place. 

It was an interesting day, the day I made this essence. For whatever reason, I wasn't getting full sun in my backyard so I let the bowl sit in the tree line for full sun. But I had to move the bowl several times to keep her in the sun. Another message from her....we have to keep trying. Slowly the world moves (and even slower down here in lazy Louisiana) but it moves enough that we need to pay attention and take action to make sure we are getting the good. Good words, good action, good thoughts. We must take an active role in growing wildly and joyfully where we are.

wild azalea

This particular essence was so powerful to me, that I felt it just carrying the bowl back to my home to finish the process. Usually when carrying an essence home, I feel lighter, but this....this was like a white light was exploding out of my entire body.

wild azalea

I am so honored to have her essence in my home.

Just like Yellow Jessamine, she will not go into the shop, which is actually on vacation at the moment. I want to list her but I need time. The essence is available if you would like it. I can add it to a blend or just as a single essence. Feel free to contact me.