The Story of Lyre Leaf Sage

In the treeline behind the house grew these greens. Now, I realize how generic that sounds but I am talking about those distinct greens that look like edible greens. I probably didn't clarify that any better, oh well.

lyre leaf sage.jpg

I couldn't tell what they were and my edibles book didn't really help much. Proper identification, in many cases, requires the flower. So I just smiled and carried on.

Then my friend had posted a picture of it in flower on a plant identification group. Lyre leaf sage was the unanimous response.

Salvia lyrata

When the greens behind our home started blooming, I was happy just to see new friends popping up to say hello! 

I never planned on making a flower essence of them.

Then, out of nowhere, while watering the beds in my backyard, I got the message that I needed to make a flower essence.

Now, many many times the reason I need to make a flower essence is NOT to support my business. The act of making a flower essence is deeply spiritual and healing for me. As you have noticed with Yellow Jessamine and Wild Azalea, I don't put them in my shop. You can ask for them but selling them is not why I do it. 

I have learned that I can't ignore a message like this so I set about right away to make these essences. Plural because I ended up making 3 essences! The story of the Fleabane will be another week so be sure to subscribe to get the post in your email.

I walked out to the Lyre leaf sage and asked permission to harvest. After receiving a "yes" answer, I started harvesting the small purple flowers. There were two colors - purple and white. I focused on the purple.

Unlike Jessmine and Azalea, I didn't actually know what to use it for when I was harvesting but I trusted my intuition on how much to harvest. Then I set it in the sun.

I walked about the plants scattering tobacco in gratitude and then sat among them to listen.

The first word that came to my mind - weary.

Then - rest.

At that moment, I knew that I also needed to harvest the white flowers on Lyre leaf sage. The white flowers grow on different plants but are still among the purple flowers.

So I did, with permission of course.

Then hell broke loose and my children ended up spilling all my seed starts and I lost my shit. See, in our home there is a pattern. Everything I do for work will end up being destroyed in some fashion. The kids stuff doesn't get destroyed and Oaken's stuff doesn't even get touched once but something about the energy and sacredness of my work calls to my children's fingers.


After a mom freak out, back to the Sage I went. I NEEDED, desperately NEEDED that time with the plants.

So I sat.

Weary. Rest. These two kept repeating in my brain as I stared, touched, and rested with the purple lyre leaf sage.

Then more came -  find strength in community.

Of course, blurbs like that need to be put into better language for us because they are pretty generic. Here is what I realized the message from the purple lyre leaf sage (which lifted my spirits greatly as I sat with her)

lyre leaf sage purple.jpg

I am for those who are just weary and ignore the call for rest. Many times they are those who selflessly serve those around them but don't always take the time to nourish themselves, like mothers. I am reminding you to find strength in our community, our tribe, our sisters. Let me help you feel better about taking time for yourself and to rest.

You can see why after sitting with lyre leaf safe (purple, very light purple), I walked away uplifted.

But what about the white flower of lyre leaf safe? This color was there, not in as many plants as purple but still readily available. I only saw a few plants at first but once I started harvesting, more appeared!

The message the white had for me:

lyre leaf sage white.jpg

I am reminding you to not be afraid to be yourself. Even if you are in a community of people that seem to be very similar and encourage you to be like them, continue to be yourself. Let me help you to remember this and give you the courage to be authentic and true.

I continued to sit with the Sage and even managed to finish the book I was reading while sitting among them and walked away feeling much better about the events that had transpired earlier and with a renewed sense of self and strength.

lyre leaf sage .jpg

After the process of these flower essences, I decided that I wanted to have a small group of people to test these essences for me. I can receive messages from the plants on their uses but I want to know how they are working for other people. If you are interested in this group, please contact me. There will be a fee to cover the flower essence and shipping and they will ship about every 6 weeks. Thank you.