Questions from TinyFest Midwest: Part 2

Welcome back to our two part post on the most common questions we received from TinyFest Midwest which was held in Iowa September 22-24. You can go back and READ PART ONE

Do you have a TV?

No, we don't have a dedicated TV. We use our computer for watching movies/TV shows that we want when we have Wifi. We do not currently have a portable Wifi hot spot which you will find that some skoolies do. We have not had a TV for 6 years. 

We do have a lot of books which is so much better.

What is your electrical set up?

We have 4- 100 watt solar panels from Renogy, a 400 watt controller, 1 large deep cell battery, and a 1000 watt inverter. This is enough for our small fridge, a fan, and then charging the laptop and cell phones (they aren't all plugged in at the same time).

How do you cook?

We have a propane camp stove that stores under the sink (propane gets detached after cooking). In the cold months, we can use the wood stove as well. Additionally, we enjoy cooking over a fire so we have cast iron for that as well. 

What is nice about the camp stove is that on hot days, we can take it outside so we aren't heating up the bus!

We don't have a traditional oven, opting for the cast iron dutch oven with fire.  We don't cook too many meals that absolutely require an oven so we use that space for living room instead.

Are you full time or just for traveling?

Since the conversion JUST got finished, we haven't really lived in it full time. We sleep in the bus, play in the bus, and enjoy being in the bus a lot of the time but it is parked at our regular house in Missouri. The plan is to be full time extremely soon.

What do you do for work?

Raven & Oak is our business. I offer herbal consults for those seeking to treat themselves with plant medicine. I have a small online shop that has my products but I also set up at markets and fests where we are. Oaken still does have a full time normal job but is stationed in Belgium. 

The plan is to travel, sell, give workshops, and participate in festivals and conferences as we go. If you are interested in having us lead a workshop in your area...check out the about page to see what we do...and then contact us to set things up.

Did you have any additional questions about Viggo the bus? Let me hear them in the comments!