Letting Go and Welcoming In

We moved to Belgium in autumn 2015. I actually don't remember much that first week (talk about jet lag with 4 small children) but the following year provided so much change for our family.

But 2016 also kicked off a chain of absolutely insanity that continued up until Mercury in retrograde ended December 6, 2018.

There was so much growth in that insanity though that when we all gathered on Yule, we just laughed as we recounted all of it.

Does that sound weird - sitting around the Yule fire and talking about all the bad?

Its actually the first step in letting go.

We have created a world where talking about the bad things that have happened to us is something we try to avoid.

Don’t talk about your bad birth - you have a healthy baby….

Don’t talk about your sexual assault - its makes me uncomfortable…

At times it almost feels like people are assuming you are trying to be a victim - to gain their sympathy and make it sound like you have it harder.

But in fact, talking about it (multiple times even) is all a VITAL part of processing what happens.

When something traumatic happens to us, we often go into a fight/flight/freeze state. This is a beautiful reaction thanks to our sympathetic nervous system that is why we are living today BUT when we are no longer in that situation, we have two main options. Process it or store it.

Apparently, modern society tells us to store it.

I talked about this is my Trapped Emotions episode of the Wild Mother Medicine podcast but I am talking about it here again - because, well, its a part of processing it.

As we sat around that fire talking about what shitty things happened - we felt lighter. We ended up laughing and being so grateful of where we are.

Tension melted from my muscles and everything felt right. Of course, the healing isn’t done. There is still more work on it (after all, some of the events got stored deep in my muscles) but damn does it feel good.

As of this writing, late December 2018, I can honestly say I am incredibly excited for what is to come. I feel it in my bones that it will be good.

With that in mind, let us welcome in 2019.

~I am welcoming in continued healing - in my WHOLE self. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

~I am welcoming in new friendships with those I have yet to meet.

~I am welcoming in new skills and new experiences as I continue learning.

~I am welcoming in LOVE - for myself and for others.

~I am welcoming in a new baby!!!!

~I am welcoming in abundance - in whatever fashion is needed at this time.

Feel free to share what you are welcoming in for the next year!