I Was, I Am

I was wanted, but I wasn't

It was only with certain terms

I had to look a certain way, and I didn't

I had to want a certain life, and I didn't

Every time I did something wrong, it was never seen as a teenage growing pain, it was seen as an attack

I was not allowed to be who I was born to be

I was supposed to be what she had envisioned for her biological child


Who I was born to be is fucking awesome

Who I look like is exactly who I am

I am me and I am perfect

I am worth

I am beautiful

I am good

You took away my maiden with your words, your actions, and your pharmaceuticals 


I am taking it back

I am reclaiming my maiden and making her whole

She was good and perfect

She did not deserve the shit you put her through

She deserved more

She deserved everything

Because she was destined for everything

And now she, I, am standing in my power and claiming that

You no longer have power over me

I am in MY power

I am

I am


Raven McGinnityComment