Hydrosols in Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with the amazing knowledge that life is growing in your womb...but it also comes with some not so amazing discomforts (and for some, discomforts doesn't even touch it).

More and more women are finding themselves wanting to take care of theses discomforts naturally. Herbs and essential oils are great medicines but not all of them are safe for pregnant women.

Some can cause miscarriages, some can cause preterm labor, some can affect fetal growth...I'm not writing this to scare anyone but to alert that plants are potent medicine and just because they are natural, doesn't mean they are safe for everyone, all the time. I have a couple lists for you...Common Herbs Contraindicated During Pregnancy and Essential Oils Contraindicated During Pregnancy and Lactation

Thankfully we have the beautiful medicine of hydrosols.

Hydrosols are one of the products of steam distillation of plants. The other being essential oils. These usually contain trace amounts of the volatile oil (essential oil) but contain other constituents as well in a gentle plant water. The most familiar is Rosewater, often used for facials.

During pregnancy, we can use hydrosols in many of the same ways we can use essential oils, without the risk of sensitization, without the risk of stimulating labor....BUT we can even use them internally (something you definitely SHOULD NOT do with essential oils in pregnancy...never).

There are a few that are contraindicated for pregnancy... Cypress, Cornflower/Bachelors Button, Juniper Berry, Greenland Moss/Labrador Tea, Sweet Gale/Bog Myrtle, Rosemary, and Sage.

Now lets talk about how we can use these for some common pregnancy discomforts. *Please note, these are ONLY FOR HYDROSOLS. Do not swap them out for essential oils.

Swollen, Sore Feet

In a foot bath, you can add Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, and/or Lavender with some magnesium flakes.

Additionally, you can add these to a spray (add 10% alcohol or witch hazel to help it last longer and dry faster) and spray it on your feet as needed.

Digestive Issues (upset stomach, heartburn, gas)

You can add Peppermint to your drink, add a few ounces to your bottle and you can drink throughout the day.  Roman chamomile and Neroli hydrosols can be used as well.


Peppermint again for the win here. You can also use Fennel hydrosol in your ginger tea.

Additionally, I would make a spray of Peppermint, Blood orange, and Ginger hydrosols.

Hot flashes 

Create a spray of Geranium and Rose hydrosols and use as needed. Cucumber hydrosol is also a great one for this.

Itchy Skin

Neroli is amazing for the skin (in addition to using fatty oils like avocado or olive). Spray on as needed. I use this hydrosol, along with Rose in my Rose-Neroli Facial Toner

You can also add in: Lavender, Rose, Cucumber, and Peppermint.

Thankfully, many of these hydrosols are absolutely fantastic for helping with mood swings and just general mood boosting.

To create a spray out of any of the hydrosols, use at least 10% alcohol (like vodka) or witch hazel. This helps to preserve it and helps it dry a little faster.

All hydrosols are safe to use right out of the bottle and some smaller ones already have spray tops for you to use. I keep a small selection on hand: Rose, Calendula, Eucalyptus, Sage, Peppermint, Douglas Fir, and Neroli.  You can find the companies I use HERE.