Hydrosols for the Newborn and a Wipes Solution Recipe

While breastmilk is the perfect substance for so many newborn needs, there are times where that just isn't possible.

Herbs are a great option for the newborn but newly postpartum with a newborn is not the time we always want to be learning new recipes. 

Essential oils are a tad too strong for newborns, even with a .5 or less percent dilution rate.

Thankfully, we do have a nice, gentle, and effective solution.

Hydrosols for the Newborn

1) Calendula

This is a favorite hydrosol of mine. Its also one my favorite herbs (I even talk about its use in postpartum in last weeks blog post).  Every home should have dried Calendula, Calendula oil, a salve with Calendula, and Calendula hydrosol!

This is going to be use for any skin issue that may pop up. 

Its also great for any bruising or swelling baby may have from birth

2) Lavender

Just like Calendula, this hydrosol is great for skin issues (you can even mix them in a sprayer). Adding a little to the babies bath can also help calm a fussy baby.

3) Chamomile

This is a hydrosol for calming baby, and mama! Its also great for soothing irritation, like diaper rash! Add it to a bath or spray in the room.

As baby grows, this can be used to help during teething.

4) Rose

This hydrosol is love. It is boosting to the mood (for mama and pap) and soothing to the skin.

Safety and Use

Unlike essential oils, hydrosols don't need to be diluted for newborns. They are plant waters. They can be sprayed in the area around baby and even directly onto babies skin. They can even be taken internally without concern (like applying on a cool rag directly to the gums for teething!)

To apply to the face, I recommend putting some of the hydrosol onto a rag and wiping it, rather than shocking baby with a spray in the face.

For those that make their own wipe solution (either to spray on the wipes before using or for them to soak in):

Mix together the following in an amber spray bottle (or directly into your wipes bin)

  • 1 part Calendula hydrosol
  • 1 part Lavender hydrosol
  • 1 part Rose hydrosol

This recipe is also nice for postpartum mamas who would rather use hydrosols than the herbs mentioned last week. Prior to baby's arrival, this is also a great solution to make "padsicles" with! Pack a small spray bottle of it in the diaper bag for you AND baby when you decide to go out into the world.

The hydrosols I use are from Mountain Rose Herbs and Plant Therapy. I lean towards Mountain Rose Herbs because they offer organic hydrosols in dark amber bottles with spray tops. 

I like to store my hydrosols in the fridge if I am not using them daily in other parts of the house. They have a shelf life of just over a year.

How do you use hydrosols in the home?