How to Make a Flower Essence Spray for Travel (Safe for Pets too!)

When Oaken was preparing to move back to the States from Belgium, he was concerned about Moonstone, our cat. Its a full day of travel, with the first flight being around 9 hours. It was an additional 2 flights to get back to the Midwest including one on a little wind up toy plane. 

Knowing the gentleness of flower essences, I recommend that he go and buy some for the flight and make a flower essence spray to spray inside her carrier.

After spending some time trying to find the right flower essences that are also carried in his area (almost exclusively Bach flower essences), we decided on 6 essences.

The six flower essences used in this spray (and their profiles) are:

Aspen - specifically for those who are having anxiety or fears that they don't know where they are coming from. I know that for me, Raven, this is the perfect one for when I fly. I hate flying but I have no reason why. I used to fly all the time growing up but now, as soon as I walk down the jetway...anxiety hits.

Gentian - for those who may be pessimistic, despondent, or easily discouraged. 

Olive - for those that are exhausted, physically and mentally.

Scleranthus - for those riddled with the inability to decide, uncertainty, even mood swings.

Walnut - helps us to adjust to change whether they are life changes, such as marriage and moving, or new surroundings (like when traveling). Flower essences made from tree are incredibly grounding.

Wild Rose - for those who are apathetic or have succumbed to just taking what life has thrown at them without wanting to change for the better.

Keep in mind that while these seem like very specific profiles of flower essences, they are not limited to what we humans have decided. There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to flower essences and there is no such thing as a "wrong" essence. That is the beauty of this field.

To make this flower essence spray you will need:

  • Flower essences listed above or the ones you have chosen
  • Plain alcohol (no flavored things, vodka works and is readily available)
  • Water (spring water is best when working with flower essences but any will do)
  • Spray bottle (pictured is 1 ounce bottle, which can go on the airplane with you)


  1. Start by filling half of your bottle with alcohol (this is acting as a preservative but also will help it to dry faster than just plain water. 
  2. Add 2 drops of each flower essence (2 in numerology is the number related to balance)
  3. Top off the bottle with your water.
  4. Label!
making a flower essence spray for travel

To use this flower essence spray:

For pets - spray inside kennel or carrier. You can reapply whenever needed and it is okay if the spray gets on the animals (avoid eyes/ears due to the alcohol)

For humans - spray on yourself, on your pillow, in your area (be mindful if on a plane). Flower essences don't have much, if any, smell so while that shouldn't be an issue in tight quarters...we need to be loving and respectful of their bodies (its all about consent people, you can always ask before you spray).

Now, if you are checking out the prices of flower essences, you might be thinking "holy crap that would be quite a bit of moolah to buy all these just to use 2 drops". Yep, it is, unless you are planning to use them in other ways.

Luckily, we just added this formula to the shop. Travel Ease Flower Essence Spray is now available in a 1 ounce cobalt spray bottle in the Etsy shop. I wasn't planning on releasing a new product until January 16 (the new moon in January) but Oaken reminded me that with all the people traveling this time of year, I should release it.


Did it work? Absolutely, on both Moonstone and Oaken. She did really well during the travel time, only having some minor issues during the take off of the first flight (which was her first time every experiencing that on a giant jet plant) and was fine the rest of the day. Oaken used it as well and found that after using it, he was able to sleep on the plane, which isn't something he is usually successful with.

Don't forget that I offer 2 other flower essences, Honeysuckle and Native Rose, in the shop. PLUS I will be offering flower essence consults (on sliding scale like all my consults) in 2018 after my completion of A Flower's Power, a course in flower essences put together my Sara Crow, licensed acupuncturist and fellow herbalist, with Floracopia.

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