Goals for 2018

For that last 2 years, I have had a pledge to the year. I even have a page dedicated to our Pledge to 2017.

These pledges help us to remind me to stay on the path, because it is all too easy to get sidetracked.

For 2018, I  am going a slightly different direction. The idea is the same but more thought out on the steps to reach that goal. 

So for 2018 my goals, and ways to meet these goals, are:

1) Read All Books Owned but Unread Before Buying New Ones

I am a classic Vata. I have quite a few books that I have ordered and never read OR started to read and didn't finish. This year, I am going to read them. The beauty of this is not only will I get to read these amazing books but because I can't order new books until these are read...so I will actually save some money in the process.

First up....Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by Stephen Buhner (there is a very intentional reason behind choosing this book first, which will come up later).

To meet this goal...I will strive for 2 books a month. I will list all the books I need to read (so I can pull from the list before getting distracted by all the other books on the shelf) AND I will schedule reading time every day. 

2) One Handknit Item Per Person for Yule

This has been an informal goal every year but Yule this year (2017) really reminded me that I suck as this goal...even though I really want it. Classic Vata.

To meet this goal..... I will schedule handwork time, establish or join a knitting circle in the area, establish a need list, and knit at least a hat for everyone (because they are quick).

This goal will help to increase my skill and my speed. Eventually this will expand to be knit item with handspun yarn...to handspun from our sheeps wool...so its a short term goal with a long term goal in mind!

3) Attend One Class at the New Orleans School of Esoteric Arts

This is definitely more for enjoyment than learning or increasing any "skill". I found this school a few months ago and am really enjoying seeing the classes they are teaching.

To meet this goal...its really just about saving for the class, and figuring out lodging (although I do have a sweet hookup in the city).

4) Increase Experience in Fermentation and Preservation

While I do have a good grasp of how this works, I have really only been doing it for 1.5-2 years. 

To meet this goal: set aside 1 weeks to try a new recipe or preservation method...preferably from local food, finish my fermentation course, start a local fermentation goal, set aside a section int he pantry to fill with fermented food (a remind to get my shit together and fill the shelves).

5) Increase Wildharvesting & Foraging Skills for Medicinal and Edible Plants

This is definitely on goal that requires that we just get out there and do it. As an Herbal Immersion student at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, the new foraging class coming in 2018 will just become part of the course but I am wanting to go through on its own.

To meet this goal: 1 weekend a month will be dedicated to going to the woods (taking Viggo!) and just getting out and identifying plants, grow a new variety of plant(s) in my garden (which helps with identifying plants in all stages of life), and find a foraging group/class.

6) Fill my home with MY art

While I haven't always been told or felt like I had any skill in painting, I really enjoy it. I want to paint more and have MY artwork hanging on the walls. This could include photography once I figure out the best place to get photos printed for larger photos. 

This last year I started a series of yonis on mini canvases and I will continue adding more and more and more yonis!!

To meet this goal, I will set aside time once a month to just paint....or allow myself to paint when I want to paint (I often tell myself I am too busy when inspiration strikes and then I just never get around to it).

So there are my big goals for 2018. I am sure I will have more stuff I want to do or try...and I will allow myself to do them. I have lived a life of constantly denying myself many things that would bring me joy...mainly because I felt like I was being selfish..but the more I do things for myself, the more grounded and peaceful I am, which helps me to be a better mother and healer.

What are your goals?

If you have a website with them, link up in the comments so we can all check them out!

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