Flower Essences for Visiting Family During the Holidays

November and December are months of many holidays, for all different belief systems...which usually means lots of traveling and seeing extended family.

This can be joyous for some, and sheer torture for others. Even those that fall in between can't deny the stress that the holidays put on us.

While we can turn to many herbs to help us during this time (which I should write a post for that!), today I am talking about flower essences.

Flower essences, in short, capture the essence or vibrations of the flower and are used to help any disruptions in our vibration. A disruption could look like...being stuck in the past...or having a traumatic event linger in our body and affect our life (even when we don't realize it). They are gentle remedies with no side effects for us. We don't have to worry about interacting with our medications, can be use on babies (topically), and even on animals. 

But they are also powerful and have been vital for me during my treatment of complex-PTSD (which I am still working on).

They deserve a spot in everyone's cabinet (and had a spot in my doula bag when I worked as a doula).

Lets look at 3 different single flower essences and 1 flower essence blend you can take with you this holiday season.

1) Agrimony Flower Essence

My favorite description for those who need Agrimony flower essence comes from Homeopathy for Everyone's website where they say it is for "those who suffer considerable inner torture which they try to dissemble behind a facade of cheerfullness."

To me, that sounds like a lot of the feelings people talk about behind closed doors. 


2) Centaury Flower Essence

If you are unsure if this is the flower essence you need...ask yourself these questions (courtesy of Bach Flower Remedies Function and Form by Julian Barnard)... "Are you one of those people whom everybody uses, because in the kindness of your heart you do not like to refuse them anything; do you just give in for the sake of peace rather than do what you know is right, because you do not wish to struggle; whose motive is good, but who are being passively used instead of actively choosing your own work?"

Basically, do you just do what your family asks you to do because you would rather there be overall peace (even if you are miserable)? The big difference here is that you feel like you don't feel like you can give your opinion, that you are a human doormat (as opposed to not having an opinion and just going with the flow).

centaury flower essence bach.jpg

3) Olive Flower Essence

How fitting that Olive makes its way into our list...considering that it is usually a sign of peace. As a flower essence this plant helps those who are drained and/or exhausted....physically and mentally. 

Holiday times usually mean lots of traveling, lots of people...all of which can leave us feeling drained easily (well, maybe not for the strong extroverted types but I imagine they can get exhausted from the holidays too). Make peace with yourself and give yourself the opportunity and support to recover.

olive flower essence.jpg

4) Rescue Remedy, 5 Flower Remedy or Stress Relief

This is definitely one that should always be around. This formula is designed for acute cases of stress and anxiety. Basically, when you feel it all start rising...perhaps in your inability to sit still...grab one of these formulas and take a dose.

Rescue Remedy (the actual TM name) is also available in gum and pastilles. 5 Flower Remedy tends to be a generic name but still just as effective. Stress Relief is from Floracopia, an amazing company hell bent on sustainability (and where I am taking a course on flower essences from).


To take the single flower essences, you have 3 options. 

  • Take 3 drops under the tongue, 4 times a day
  • Add 3 drops to your water and drink throughout the day
  • Take 1-3 drops as under the tongue as needed

The beauty is that you can't over do it AND you can take multiple flower essences at a time. 

Lets say you need Centaury flower essence ALL the time. You can either take 3 drops under the tongue 4 times a day, or add it to your water. BUT then feel like you need to take some Rescue Remedy...so go ahead! Place the flower essence blend under you tongue for that stress you feel rising. Then later, say you are really needing Olive flower essence...go ahead!

You can find these flower essences on Amazon or find Stress Relief flower essence blend at Floracopia.

Have you ever used flower essences? What flower essence (or flower essence blend) would you add to the list?