Flower and Stone Essence Subscription - Coming October 2018

If you have followed the blog long enough - or have listened to my podcast - you will know how much I LOVE flower essences.

I have used them for myself and my children as well as in my practice - as both a Reiki practitioner and flower essence practitioner.

But as much as I love putting together custom blends for people (and creating dose bottles for my shop), I love teaching and having others create - really allowing their medicine to be intentional and magical.

Many times though, we don’t know where to start! There are so many different flower essences and stone (crystal) essences that we don’t know which ones to buy and have on hand - of course, making your own is always amazing but not always possible.

Enter this flower and stone essence subscription.

When I first became interested in flower essences, I ended up buying a large collection (which I absolutely LOVE) but at times it felt daunting to try and learn all of them so quickly - well, quickly was something my mind was making me do. I wouldn’t go back and change anything but I know that now, starting slow is a great way to go.

This subscription is 6 months long with a new essence every month. 3 flower essences and 3 stone essences. They will be in stock strength, so that you can make custom blends in dose strength from them. It is 1/2 oz amber glass bottle with dropper.


In addition to the essence, you will receive a printed description of what each essence can be used for - on cardstock for durability.

You will also receive a password for accessing special pages on the website with videos on making essences, diluting essences, and behind the scenes of how your particular essences were made.

Shipping is included in the cost.

The first essence will ship the last week in October arriving in time for Samhain. You can join at anytime - even after that and you will get 6 months of essences.

My recommended use it taking it for the entire month, until the next essence arrives to see how it works in your life. Other options for using it will be available in the special content for subscribers!!

The cost is $120 for all 6 months - which includes the essence, the printed cardstock description, shipping, and access to special content on the website.

Head over to the Etsy shop to start your subscription!! If you have any questions, contact me.

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