Attuning Yourself to Your Handmade Essence

I went for the first year of my flower essence training assuming that I had to have a crystal clear message on what a flower provided in its essence. If I didn’t hear a message, I just walked on. I would walk on even if I got the sense that I was allowed to make an essence from her. I would walk on even if I KNEW I needed to make an essence.

And then I learned I didn’t.

I learned that the message of YES is all I need to create powerful essences for my healing. The message of “what to use her for” would come when I was ready and when I was not distracted by life.

It can be all too easy to Google “XYZ flower essence” or research what a stone/gem/crystal is “good for” and then just settling on that.

Don’t get me wrong, its not wrong. When we are buying flower essences we read descriptions to see what essence will be right for me. Being someone who sells flower and stone essences, I know how important this information is.

I am talking about when we are making and using an essence we made. An essence we were called to create. My Honeysuckle flower essence has similar uses for a Bach mass manufactured Honeysuckle flower essence, it will also have its own little nuances — and its exactly what we want from an essence.

When I started to switch over my shop from Etsy to this website, I had a dozen handmade essences in my collection. It would have been super easy to just throw up the collection with a basic description. As someone who shopped for essences before I made them, this type of description is all too common.

And, to me, it feels like it doesn’t give enough credit to the flower or stone.

I then decided that I need to re-attune myself to my essences and attune myself to some I had created but hadn’t heard their full message yet. Only after doing this with each individual essence, would I feel at peace with posting in my shop.

Attuning Yourself to Your Handmade Essence

Preparing the Space

Tidy the space you will be working in. Too much stuff or clutter around, I feel, will hinder our ability to hear or incorporate the message into our body, mind, and soul. It will also help you to start to prepare mentally for this work.

Have the room be a comfortable temperature. I am very sensitive to cold and if I get chilled, tension will occur throughout my body and will cause physical tension that can cloud what emotions are stirring up from the essence. I like to lay in my bed with a blanket or on the bed with a fan (if its warm).

Avoid essential oils. Essential oils are powerful and can bring about emotional, mental, and physical responses. They are absolutely wonderful — when we want that, but while attuning to an essence, I personally try to avoid it.

Share what you are doing with family or housemates. While an attunement isn’t necessarily a long process, letting those around you know that you will need 10 minutes without interruptions will you can release that concern about being interrupted! I like to schedule time for this so that my children know the expectations (of course, they can always come when they need me!). I will go ahead with an attunement if I feel the moment is right or skip an attunement if it isn’t. Don’t force it.

Gentle music. I tend to listen to binaural beats for relaxation. Think of the music used in guided meditations. Try to use music without words.

While that seems like a lot, it actually doesn’t take much time — for me, until I organized my bedroom, tidying up the clutter always took the longest!

Begin the Attunement

Get comfortable and place 1-2 drops of your essence under your tongue. Focus on the sensation of the drops on your tongue and envision it spreading throughout your body. For me, this awakens me to my body so that when the essence resonates in a spot, I am aware of it.

Note where you feel something different. When I did my recent attunement when Black Tourmaline, I felt it in my legs. I initially was worried my legs got cold or that I was getting restless leg but I wasn’t — that is when I realized it was the essence.

Focus on this feeling and use it to visualize a scene. What does this essence make your picture? In your vision, take note of even small details and how they make you feel (physically and emotionally). Let yourself sink into the scene.

When you are ready, close this vision and allow a memory come forth. Don’t try to figure anything out initially, just let the memory come. Feel it in your body, taking note if something stands out stronger than others. Ask why this memory came. What do some of the individual things in the memory mean to you - how do they feel to you?

Take another 1-2 drops of your essence and let it flow throughout your body, noticing it but not judging or trying to solve anything.

Ask the essence what message they have for you. The answer might be an full answer - such as “stand firm” but it might also be a feeling. If it is a feeling, sink into it until you feel you have clarity.

This is what your essence is to be used for - especially for you.

Thank the essence for their message(s) and end your session.

If you are attuning to an essence and you have plans to sell, take more time to get a good sense of who would benefit from this essence - and for what reason. When I attuned to Self heal, I knew what it was doing for ME but still didn’t have the words to talk/write about who would benefit from it. As I continued to ponder and let the essence resonate in me, a picture slowly started coming.

Journal on what you just discovered and what you feel that means for you.

Keep in mind, this is just one way of attuning to an essence. You can also sit with the plant in meditation, talk to the plant and ask directly, or even just use the essence when you feel like you need it (whether you “know” or not). Do what feels right for you.

The beginning of a Two wing silverbell flower essence.

The beginning of a Two wing silverbell flower essence.