A Peak Into Yoni Steaming

I put a pot of water on to boil and gather my herbs: Calendula, Lavender, Mugwort, Rosemary, and Rose. 1 cup total.

I walk to my bathroom and clear a space. I bring in the box that I made when I first started steaming. I light a candle and walk back to my kitchen to get the water that just started boiling.

In go the herbs to the water. Within seconds, I smell the familiar scent of this blend. I grab my quilt, put on my music, and sit.

I feel the warmth of the steam come up to my body and I relax.

This is yoni steaming.

Yoni steaming, or vaginal steaming, is the practice of using herbal steams to increase or maintain vaginal health. This would also include the health of the cervis and uterus. As an herbalist, I recommend it when I see signs of stagnation in the pelvis, symptoms suchs as cramping, heavy painful cycles, and mood swings.

But it is so much more.

We can use yoni steaming to help our fertility to bring blood flow to the area, to release trapped emotions, to stimulate absent menses. With my work as a postpartum doula, this is something I share with the mothers I work with.

For those recovering from miscarriages and abortions, this can be beneficial in not only physical recovery but emotional as well.

There are endless possibilities on the herbal combinations for each individual, for each cycles, for each need. 

Lavender to soothe, Calendula to bring warmth and stimulating lymph movement, cleansing. Mugwort, opening us up both physically and mentally and can bring about menses. Rosemary to bring blood to the pelvis, which helps clear out the old blood which can trap emotions and extra hormones. Rose, to soothe us not only physically but also emotionally. Essential oils should never be used in yoni steams.

To perform a vaginal steam, you will need:

  • 1 gallon (approx.) boiling water

  • 1 cup of herbs (total)

  • Yoni steam box or regular chair to sit on

  • 1-2 quilts

When you have gathered your supplies:

Bring the water to boil and place in the yoni steam box or on the floor at the edge of the chair.

Add the herbs. You can either stir them or just let them be taken by the water on their own (I do the latter most of the time).

If using a yoni steam box - sit on the box, cover you lower body with a quilt and your upper body with a quilt. Many times I will just cover my lower half but wear a warm sweater so that I still can move as needed while steaming.

If using a regular chair - sit on the edge of the chair and then follow the quilt directions listed above.

For both - sit back and relax. Meditate if you want. Listen to good music, focus on the warmth and let the medicine work.

If you start to get too hot, unwrap yourself and drink water (not ice cold water).

After about 20 minutes, you can get up and either go about your day or rest in bed with the blankets on to keep that beautiful heat in. I do my yoni steams in the evening so that I can climb into my comfy bed and relax.

When to steam:

In general, steaming for 3 days before the first day of your menses will provide some of the best preventative medicine.

If you are steaming for fertility, steaming in the first few days AFTER your menses is recommended.

For those recovering from a miscarriage or abortion, steam when you feel like you want or need to. Because we can use steams for emotional work too, it can help. I do recommend Mugwort during this time as well.


There are some instances when we shouldn't steam: pregnancy (or suspected pregnancy), active herpes outbreak, fever, menstruation (postpartum is safe), chronic yeast or vaginal infections, or if you have an IUD (the warmth and moisture will relax the uterus and cause a shift of the IUD)..

If you are interested in yoni steaming and want to get a custom blend...or you are wanting a full health consults, please contact me or visit my consults page at ravenandoak.com/herbal-consults .