5 Other Ways to Use a Flower Essence

While those I meet with in a flower essence consult get instructions on how to use their custom flower essence, not everyone wants or need a consult when they are on their journey with flower essences.

That is the beauty of plant medicine. It is absolutely something you can discover and navigate through on your own. 

Sometimes, though, its nice to have a little guidance - whether we have been doing it for years or are just starting out.

Flower essences are vibrational remedies. I won't go into the process here (that is a whole workshop!) but they are a powerhouse for us in emotional and mental health needs.

My first experience with them was the Bach Rescue Remedy for my child with sensory processing disorder. She would take 4 drops whenever she was becoming "lost". While we learned about her individual needs, during those first months it was really a difficult time. But we could always count on the flower essences to bring her to us to communicate.

Over the years, I learned more, kept one in my doula bag, and then consulted with a practitioner about my needs with cPTSD. I then became a practitioner after experiencing the massive shift for me.

My favorite way (and the way I recommend first) is to add them to your water. Water is life and can carry the vibrations easily. This is why the vibrations are captured in water! Every time I fill up my water bottle, I will add 4 drops of my flower essence (or flower essence blend). It doesn't change the flavor of your water at all, which sometimes people worry about. 

But are there other ways to use them?


I love incorporating flower essences into many other aspects of my life. With flower essences, you can overdose on them. You can't get a "wrong" flower essence. You can get one that isn't the one you need, but it won't do anything negative to you.

1) Skin care products

I love adding flower essences to help with self esteem to my facial serums and cleansing oils. My most used flower essence for this is Mossy Mountain Heather from Floracopia. Just a few drops in the entire bottle will do the trick.

2) Diffusers

If you are already diffusing essential oils in your home, adding a few drops of the flower essence to the diffuser. It doesn't change the scent but can really help us out! Take a minute to see what the household needs overall before choosing. That way the most people can get the benefit from it (as I mentioned earlier, there are no negative responses to flower essences so if you really need one, use it!)

3) Baths

Yes! You can add a few drops to a bath. I know that baths for me are more than just a way to get clean, they are a way to connect with the water element and to let myself relax and check in with my body. Flower essences, like Starwort Mouse ear (also from Floracopia) can help us with this.

4) Yoni steaming

When I was working through some of the darker times of my sexual assault, not only were the yoni steams healing but the addition of Star of Bethlehem flower essence really helped to release that trauma. This is also the one I carry in my birth bag. Rowan flower essence would also be good (I use this in my water a lot) as would Velvet Bells from Floracopia.

5) Spray bottles

While adding the diffuser is awesome for the home, adding a flower essence to a spray bottle is another great option to have, especially when traveling. I wrote a post about a travel spray which is also safe for pets. Its a great option for when children are spending the night away,  if you are staying in a hotel, traveling long periods in a car etc etc. 

A blend like the Rescue Remedy is a great, easy way to create a spray without having to buy all the flower essences in the recipe.


6) Gummies

In our first aid kit, we have a tin of Rescue Remedy pastilles. They are little candies that you suck on that have flower essences in them. I love this idea so when I started making gummies (recipe coming soon), I would add some flower essences to the bowl just before putting it in the molds. Native Rose (available in the shop once its reopened on THIS website) is a favorite to put in as it works on the emotional heart - self love- self esteem - self confidence, in which we all need a lot of in this day and age.

Of course, its always important that when we use plant medicine, we come to it in a place of gratitude. It seems odd to us to brew that tea for pink eye (chamomile tea bags) while stopping and giving thanks at the same time but think about the life in our medicine. The life around us and how the earth is taking care of us. 

How do you like to use flower essences?