Star of Bethlehem: A Flower Essence for Those Dealing with Shock and Trauma

I read a post written by a doctor who treated patients who went through Hurricane Katrina. He was writing to share what he learned, saw, and still deals with to this day.

One of the things he spoke about the the PTSD from Katrina. How people have panic attacks when it starts some can't even get into a bathtub because they were trapped in water for days. In his practice, he gave them an injection of an anti-anxiety medication to calm them.

Obviously, I disagree with that treatment but having complex-PTSD myself (which I am making great strides on)...I get it.

Texans have a long road ahead of them in recovery of their homes and towns and this doctor is getting people ready for what is coming. You can read the short post HERE.

But what about flower essences? They have been a KEY player in my c-ptsd work. Absolutely KEY. Should they play a role in helping those recover emotionally from something like this?

For those that don't know what flower essences are....they are remedies that work on our emotional and mental health by taking the vibrations and energy of the plants and having it work with our vibrations to balance things out (obviously that is a very basic description). Dr Edward Bach gave us 38 remedies for different needs.

One of which is Star of Bethlehem.

Photo courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation

Photo courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation

I was first introduced to Star of Bethlehem as a doula. I carried it in my birth bag (and when I start working again as a doula, it will remain in my bag) particularly for moms who have had a traumatic birth previously. Birth trauma is real and its not the physical trauma I am talking about. I wanted to make sure that the mother I was there for could relax and if she needed additional help, I had it.

Bach lists Star of Bethlehem as the remedy for "the shock of serious news, the loss of some one dear, the fright following an accident and such like. For those who, for a time, refused to be consoled, this remedy brings comfort." 

In the book Bach Flower Remedies: Form and Function by Julian Barnard, this remedy actually is created with the boiling method (versus the usual sun infusion) because its the addition of "fire" (AKA heat) that makes this remedy transformative. The whole section on Star of Bethlehem is fascinating about how the symmetry and how Leonardo specifically painted it with the Christ child. 

Star of Bethlehem is part of the 5 Flower Remedy known most commonly as Rescue Remedy. I love Rescue Remedy and for the first days following shock and trauma, this is actually a very good choice.

But when the initial shock has worn off...we still need to be supported. Giving an injection of an anti-anxiety medication (article from above) will help but its only a bandage, this trauma needs a different healing.

All trauma that shakes us to our core needs a different kind of healing. Flower essences, like Star of Bethlehem can bring that healing.

I do not carry Star of Bethlehem flower essence in the shop. This plant has not presented itself to me so it is not my time to produce one. I do have Honeysuckle and Native Rose (from pasture rose which is native to where I am) for those who are interested.