The Day The Glass Shattered

My 7 year old ran inside talking about Matthew (the teen who mows our yard), the glass door, and something breaking. I really couldn't figure out what she was talking about so we went out to the bus.

There in front of my was the two long glass panels of the door cracked. One was completely shattered. On the bottom step, a green metal rod measuring in at no more than 6 inches. A metal rod that had probably been in the grass all season long (and he has mowed every other week since April).

I just stared at the glass. 

When he finished mowing he realized what happened and while he isn't accepting payment for his services until its paid off, I told him to just relax. It was such a once in a lifetime shot that he should start playing his cards right...

I was still in shock a bit. Seriously...did that just happen?

As you can see in the pictures, I discovered that the rod actually hit part of the body first before flying through the first pane (which shattered) and hitting the second (which just cracked). A metal rod would have killed something..and the girls were outside.

I started to figure out what I was going to do and, of course, worrying about the cost.

My skoolie friend Julien (see his bus HERE) suggested I call scrap yards to find the glass. We have a bus dealership not too far from us so maybe that would turn something up. If you find yourself with broken glass or window on your bus THIS is a very good suggestion...don't forget this!

It took several calls with nothing turning up before a business finally sent us to St Robert Glass. Seriously business owners, if you can't do the work in your business at least give the customer a place to go...don't just hang up on them.

So I called...yep and they could get me in the next morning. They cut the laminated glass in house.

It took 45 minutes and that is with one guy helping unload a truck while the other guy cut the glass. The girls and I took a walk while it was being worked on and then sat on the bus while they finished it (sooo much better than a waiting room).

I walked away with a bill of $210 and really thankful for the new clean glass. I have been extremely lucky in my conversion that nothing really has happened so with this small thing being my "bad" I will happily take it and go on my way....and just laugh at how freaking rare that exact shot was.

Pictures below of the glass, the ricochet, and the workers at St Robert Glass (which is just off of I-44 for those traveling...)


So...anyone else had their glass shattered in once-in-a-lifetime accidents?