The Year That Was and the Moment is Now

Isn’t it funny how every year we have this one day that makes you look back what transpired over the past 365 days. It seems more often than not as you get a little bit older that that day is your birthday. I just had mine 2 days ago and now being 33 years old I take a look at my life and am amazed at what it has looked like. I am slightly emotional right now as I write this as I ponder this past year of my life. I can’t even begin to decide how I would classify this past year.

Upon turning 32 last year I could never have foreseen the changes that were in store and the emotional rollercoaster it would become. Over this past year I went about life for a couple months before realizing I had to move my family back to the United States or risk a foreclosure due to the abrupt departure of the tenants of our home in Missouri (also at play was some of the worst property management conceivable). So in January of this year I had to pack up and move Raven and our 4 girls halfway back across the Earth all by themselves and remain back in Belgium. At the time we had good intentions and the belief this would only be until October (still 10 long months); however, due to another Army moment we are now sitting with it being an undetermined amount of time (okay the latest will be October but of 2018). I have missed my family like crazy and hated every second of it.

However, I would feel remissed to not talk about the awesomeness that has been the past year. Over the past year the personal philosophies and ideals for myself and Raven have grown in leaps and bounds. We’ve taken a stronger approach to defending what we believe and promoting the ideals we live. In doing so Raven and Oak has taken a large leap into existence and growing from these ideals into what we hope it will continue to be. A big part of that was the coming of Viggo our bus. This was something we thought and talked about and then in March of this year we found our bus and Raven brought him home.


The work on Viggo was kind of a crazy here and there when possible and when I could make it home to help out. I helped a little and then Raven took over and has done an absolutely amazing job of taking Viggo towards completion and making him our home/office on wheels. And this work is not done as we are waiting on our Renogy solar upgrades, our wood stove, refrigerator, and other finishing pieces to arrive. This is truly exciting times for not only our family but Raven and Oak as Raven will be hitting the road for at least 2 speaking engagements at Tiny House events.

In addition to these great things for Raven and Oak, our family has grown so much. I am overjoyed to see how big our girls are getting but heartbroken to have to be seeing it through a computer screen. On top of that is the empty feeling that comes from only being able to speak with your partner through technology and not have that comforting touch, smell and presence of her.  I am sure we have all had times where we miss those we love and this is a time of reflection to know to not let one second of it slip without living in it. This is the same old cliché that we need to live in the moment because it could be your or someone you love’s last. While I have not lost those I love it is one where I miss every second of everyday that I am not with them, encouraging them, and seeing life through my own eyes.

I don’t want a second of pity as it is life choices that leave me in this point and I am not truly out of my family’s life but to use this post as one to reflect and encourage you the reader. Take this moment, yes this very second you are reading this very word, to seize your day. This goes in line with last week’s post on navigation. Take a moment to reflect on where you are and where you are going. Are you heading in the direction you planned? Do you see your destination or have you veered wildly off course? I’m hoping if you took the time to make your goals to what you envisioned that even if you are not on course as this moment you need not change your goal but your plan on getting there. Take some time to reflect, live in the moment, and love. Start doing the thing you are always wanted to do in life because life isn’t living if you aren’t truly living it.