New Moon Intentions - What About You?

With the new moon upon us, Raven reminded me that this is a great time to push out intentions towards increasing or starting something. Often times this is when Raven will begin new tinctures or preparations. I was really thinking about this last night and into today and realized what I had not been practicing, honing and pursuing. That being my primitive skills. The area to which I live doesn’t motivate or inspire these types of skills because really it is devoid of true nature. The land has been leveled in a sense and is mostly modern agriculture with monocrop fields and cattle. However, what I realize is that the fault is my own for letting my environment dictate my passions.

Therefore I am making a stand now to no longer let circumstances and the environment to which I find myself dictate anything. I will take this time to further develop and hone my primitive skills in an aim not only to better myself but my family. These are the types of skills that bring us closer to our ancestors but also are crucial to get closer with nature, away from technology, and if all else if SHTF.

I will be examining these skills and providing not only my experiences but also tips that will help you to develop them yourself or if you already have them to better live in the experience. This first week is a stepping board to talk about what my plans will be. The list is a bit varied but the founding principal of them all is that they are aimed at getting me and all us back to our natural roots.

Week 1: Primitive Fire

Week 2: Tracking/ Navigation (Day and Night)

Week 3: Meat Preserving/ Water

Week 4: Primitive Tools

Week 5: Shelters

Week 6: Emergency Situations

So I apologize there isn’t much to this week but an excitement of getting back to it. Will you follow along on this 6-week journey? Furthermore, what are your intentions? What do you look to increase during this next cycle? Please share and we will discuss and encourage each other as we better ourselves, educate, and work towards a more natural and sustainable life.