Creating a Family Mission Statement

As the work on the bus gets closer and closer to completion, the realization of tiny living really hits home.

We created plenty of storage in the bus (and more will continue to get added like bookshelves and things) but it will still require a lot of intention about what we pack.

While the bus will not be a full time, year round home (unless it has to), it has triggered a massive decluttering and downsizing here. I, Raven, often go through periods of decluttering but often find myself lost as to what to keep and what not to keep. 

As the Taurus I am, finances weigh heavily on me, even when things are going just fine. So when I am decluttering and downsizing my brain registers the cost of each item. I could turn and sell, but at this point in my life, I do no have the time or energy to deal with people in this area.

BUT there still needs to be downsizing, especially if we will be living in a yurt or tipi off-grid in the future. This becomes slightly more difficult when you factor in our family size.

Enter the family mission statement.

This is a statement that defines what you want for you family. Its what you look at when you are facing a decision. In my case, its also what I turn to when I am does this item fit into the family mission statement? 

For example...I have several unused skeins of wool. I bought too much for a few projects. I don't have a project for many minimalists would send them packing BUT they are 100% wool and used for making things (AKA handmade) which DO fit into our mission statement. Because I like make things and because they are a natural fiber, they get to stay. If they were acrylic...they would go.

But the mission statement is also about life jobs, vacations, food, community...everything can fall under your mission statement. You can have a family mission statement AND a personal mission statement.

In this decluttering example, it really helped me to get rid of things that didn't fit. It also helped me start to pack our totes for the bus. I was able to clear out two large totes, which then helped me to combine other totes in a more logical order. Up until now, we had just been trying to make do with the bins we had, without going through them...which led to a slightly organized mess.

I can't take credit for this anyway shape for form. My teacher, Katy kind of the brains behind this idea in our lives. My favorite thing about how she introduced this concept was that she DIDN'T share her personal OR family mission statement with her readers. The process can be challenging to go through and I imagine that she did this so that we can create the mission statement for OUR family...not copy her family's mission matter how many things we have in common with her.

Thankfully...there is a podcast for this. Its about an hour long and what I like is that the whole hour is dedicated to the ads or promotions like in other podcasts.

You can listen to this podcast HERE.

This topic is ALSO covered in her amazing book "Movement Matters". This books is different than her other books because in her other books, she talks about alignment and biomechanics and in this book...she talks about how that all relates to life and the universe. It is a book on short "essays on movement science, movement ecology, and the nature of movement." This is a great book and really kind of shifted a lot in my mind. You can find it on Amazon.

Well, one of my words for creating our mission statement was "unplugged" so I must be off. We had a mighty search for a unicorn this evening (handknit gift that I gave to our 4 year old) when it went was found in the fridge.

Remember, we post on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. While I would normally plug in our Facebook page here...we are trying to shift away from Facebook. You can also find us on Instagram but that is kind of dying down too....

In Peace.