Broken Bones and Natural Movement

About 2 months ago I was riding my motorcycle home from work pretty late and as I rounded the corner I hit a depression I had not seen in the dark. I did my best to keep the motorcycle up and aimed towards the soft side of the road but alas I went down. As I came down I landed hard on my right shoulder and slide several feet before falling into a 3 foot deep ditch once again landing on my shoulder. Of course the shock of the spill brought a course of adrenaline I stood up and saw a passerby running my way. I stood up my motorcycle which faired pretty well and spoke in broken English/French to the guy that I was okay. He wasn’t so sure and worried whether I would be able to get home. I checked the motorcycle over, noticed it was a bit flooded, and then myself. Everything seemed to be in working order, both myself and the motorcycle, other than a bit of scratches on both.

After a couple minutes the fluids had drained properly and the motorcycle started right up. The guy was a bit doubtful I was okay but I reassured him I only had a couple kilometers to go to get home and was on my way. I rode careful as I think I had broken my thumb or at the very least jammed very badly. After getting home I did a more careful check and assumed I was okay for the most part other than a sore hand, shoulder, and the start of a nasty bruise on my calf from where the foot peg had jammed into it.

Fast forward the two months. Throughout this time I battle tenderness in my shoulder area and often wondered if I strained something but also a sore thumb. I saw that collarbone injuries can take up to 12 weeks to heal but realized it still was pretty painful I decided I should probably go see a doctor so I can know what I am dealing with. I see the doctor and they do a check and sure enough tell me that she thinks I broke my collarbone and has a senior doctor do a check too. It took him less than a minute of examining the area and see the soft tissue inflammation and agreed saying I should get an x-ray. I get them taken and together with the doctor we take a look and sure enough they see a healing break of my collarbone (see picture below for the location). I was informed that this location usually results in surgery and over here in Belgium they most always plate and screw that area of a break. Well the doctor tells me that the break fused perfectly with no variation and that it looks beautiful.

He asked me what I had been doing for the past 2 months and I explained that adhere to natural movement and ensure proper biomechanics. I have been studying natural movement and have been certified by MovNat for the past year and Raven has been studying biomechanics through Katy Bowman for several years. Raven has taught me a lot about proper biomechanics, so utilizing her teaching as well as my training, my fitness regimen is focused solely on stability and strength. So I explained to the doctor this mindset and described how my aim had always been to stabilize the area while focusing on properly using the muscles in my movements. The doctor was planning on prescribing physical therapy to assist with the stabilization of the muscles around my collarbone but quickly deferred to my already existing plan of action.

Further, we took an extra couple minutes for me to demonstrate some of the movements I had been using to include the Rhomboid Push-up which helps to free up the thoracic vertebrae by working the muscles around them. Each vertebrae should be able to move on its own but thanks to a modern lifestyle, they are sort of clumped together with the muscles. Loosening the individual mobility of the vertebrae leads to issues like bulged disks, because the vertebrae can't adjust individually as they need to for the loads placed on them. This loosening and mobility also assisted with the scapula (shoulder blade) to ensure the stability of the collarbone. (See the video below for the Rhomboid Push Up courtesy of Katy Bowman)

The doctor appear quite impressed with the healing and the information shared. It was very nice to have an allopathic doctor interested in the natural healing of the body instead of downplaying it and prescribing allopathic alternatives. Unfortunately I did have one moment of head slapping as I turned down his offer of over the counter Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Aspirin by telling him I did not take those and have been using an herbal anti-inflammatory, Zyflamed. The doctor told me that Aspirin comes from the plant Willow and I quickly informed him I was aware but it is also highly processed and not the actual plant form. He had nothing further to offer on that and encouraged me to keep up what I had been doing as my bone looked great.

So while I did not like having to go to the doctor, I try never to do unless absolutely necessary, I was happy to hear that my philosophy of health was doing my body very well. I was able to set the path to full recovery of an injury that I was informed usually resulted in surgery or extended rest and immobility from a sling. Hopefully this encourages you to seek out those in your area who can teach and mentor you in natural movement and biomechanics and if you are already on that path keep it up.

Oaken McGinnityComment