Stick Play For Mobility

Oaken here switching things up again. I don’t know how often you have found yourself feeling stiff and overall tight, but for me this can happen quite easily with the modern world. We sit on our butts at home, we sit on our butts at work, and quite often we sit on our butts at play. The human body is not meant to just sit around all day in fixed positions and it responds as such with stiffness and a lack of performance. Hopefully if you are reading this, this is not the case with you. However, if it is, then hopefully some of the drills I will talk about today will help get some mobility and movement back into your day and some fun while at it.

To give you a quick back brief to what got me here today is through my military background. No, not for any kind of training, but for my injuries. Through my decade spent in the military I suffered quite a bit of spine and back issues that brought to life a need for change, big change. So I began looking for options as did Raven. Raven stumbled across Katy Bowman and Restorative Exercise many years ago and began incorporating it and along with that I stumbled across MovNat. Natural Movement became a focus for us on top of everything else because we knew our bodies were not behaving the way they were meant to and should. So I began studying it and even got Certified in Level 1 and 2 for MovNat. Since then we have incorporated these studies into our lives and hopefully can bring some to you all as well because it has brought great improvements to our overall health.

Now back to today’s drills. As you can see in the video I discussed some drills that will help with your hip mobility. Our hips, legs and trunks are often way under used in our day to day and these drills will help bring some blood strength back to the area. The easiest and most fun way to go about these drills is with a buddy. As you can see in the video I didn’t have anyone handy so I built a little contraption that I can use to do these drills even when I am alone. The fun of doing so with a buddy is getting to challenge one another through different heights and variations in speed and direction. For the video I presented a couple straight forward lateral movements for ease of example. But of course you can switch things up and move forward backwards or any way you so choose.

The stability used in these movements should help you focus on isolating the muscles in the hips, legs and trunk and then move smoothly through the motion. There is not a need to speed through but to allow the body to stabilize and move. Moving laterally, vertically, forward and backwards allows for different loads to be placed on the body which allows for a higher level of response from the body. What is even great is as your progress in your movement the eventual addition of carrying objects of weight will change these loads and demand higher stability and strength from the muscles.

The last drill I quickly spoke about is the one that can really be fun with a friend. To do so, one person takes the stick (pointer) and points to a location on the floor and the other (stepper) steps to that point. The pointer continues to tapping various locations within the range of the stepper all the while challenging them to maintain stability and focus to ensure they step lightly and keep their balance. It is a fun way to move through focus and stability.

I hope you have fun adding these movements into your day and feel the body loosen up and strengthen as you go. If you have any questions please contact me at or I am always quick to respond on Facebook. Thank you and have a great day!