Your Quick Guide to Herbal Tattoo Care

While I wouldn't say I was tatted up, I have some decent sized tattoos. Total count is 6 but a couple of them are larger ones. For those who have gotten tattoos before, you know that taking care of them afterwards is important for keeping them nice and preventing infection.

Herbs are a great way to take care of your new tattoos and I was really surprised at how easily and quickly it healed, compared to the tattoos I got before I was using herbs (I do have a couple of those...I just turned 18 lets get a tattoo...tattoos).

So this is ....

Your Quick Guide to Herbal Tattoo Care

1) Calendula Wash

Now, the directions from your artist will most likely be to keep the bandage on for the first 24 hours. Follow it if you can, it is an open "wound" techinically. Once the bandage comes from, its time to wash.

Pour 1 quart boiling water over 1/4-12 cup Calendula flowers and steep for about 20 minutes. This is your wash for the day. Every hour or so, grab a towel and soak it in the wash (pouring the wash onto the towel to avoid introducing bacteria to the infusion) and then squeeze it over your tattoo...dabbing lightly if required. Do this for about 1-2 days.

Calendula is anti-microbial and vulnerary. It keeps wounds clean and helps them heal. A perfect for herb for new tattoos.

2) Herbal Salve

Even a basic Calendula salve is perfect for keeping your new tattoo from forming big scabs (scabs can lead to losing color in sections...first hand experience in that one...). It keeps the itching from healing at bay and really keep the coloring of your tattoo (black or colors) looking nice.  As I mentioned above, Calendula is really an amazing herb for tattoo care so look at the salve to see if it has Calendula in it.

I personally use our Sacred Green salve, which contains 6 different herbs (including Calendula) and it was incredible for my half sleeve tattoo. I didn't have it on hand after my last tattoo and I just used a plain balm that I had made and it just didn't do the trick (well, like my Sacred Green Salve did).

Use this until your tattoo is healed...or anytime it feels a little dry or itchy.

You can find our Sacred Green salve in our store. It takes me about 8 weeks to infuse the oil base for it so it comes out in small batches throughout the year, grab it before its gone.

Pretty simple stuff. As I mentioned I have used this routine on my newer tattoos and the difference was amazing. You invested your money into that tattoo, so take care of it!