Once the abortion is over, I didn't really experience any more cramping. Just bleeding.

I bled longer than the materials said I would but I will cover that a bit in my spiritual releasing page more.

The most important thing we can take at this point is our Red raspberry leaf tea.

This is a gentle, yet powerful uterine tonic that helps our uterus return to its pre-pregnant state. It is good for all women of childbearing age (and even those going through menopause) to take daily. 

We can also be mixing in Nettle with the RRL or doing Nettle and RRL infusions, which are strong teas that are steeped for at least 4 hours. They are deeply nutritional and healing. I also enjoyed Red clover in my tea, as well as dandelion leaf. 

I also recommend a nourishing infusion of Oatstraw. Not only is it nutritive but its also has an affinity for the nervous system, which most people would benefit from, but especially those post abortion.

The handouts they give you will talk about how you will bleed for 4-6 weeks after your abortion. If you bleed the whole 6 weeks or go longer (like I did), you will need some herbal support to ensure that you don't become anemic or if you already are, help remedy the anemia.

For anemia, a syrup of Yellow dock root and Dandelion root is effective and non-constipating (unlike other iron supplements).  My Iron Tonic Syrup is made with a strong decoction of the roots, then 1-2 tablespoons blackstrap molasses and local honey. 1-2 tablespoons per day of the syrup. 

For any cramping, Cramp bark will be your friend. This is an anti-spasmodic root that is traditionally used for uterine cramping...both to prevent miscarriage but to also help with after pains. It is readily available on Amazon from HerbPharm. 

Flower essences are also going to be quite healing during this time. Star of Bethlehem is great, because it helps with releasing trauma (and not just physical trauma!). I took Star of Bethlehem when I would do yoni steams (see more below) but I took Rowan flower essence daily for a few weeks and then Wood Cranesbill for a month. At the time of writing this (late January), I will probably be switching to another one since I have finished bleeding.

Yoni steams. This was both physically and spiritually healing for me. I used herbs to move the blood in the uterus, to release what I was holding. I used Calendula, Mugwort, Lavender, Rosemary, and at times, Oregano or Angelica. The mugwort, for me, was crucial because of how it opens blockages spiritually. I did these around the time where my period would have been occurring, since bodies remain on cycle even throughout pregnancy. Do NOT use essential oils in a yoni steam. You can use a flower essence (see above paragraph).