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Motherhood, the full moon representation of the Goddess, is often described as "the trenches" full of long, tiring days of diapers and laundry.

But what we if changed our perception on this sacred and magical work?

What is motherhood was more peace than war? What if we had our sisterhood telling us its okay to be different and follow your intuition?

I had my first child at 20. I started researching the "alternative side" of life and changing things over but I never felt like I was allowed to stray from the conventional path. I hid aspects of our lives (for example, bed sharing - which was said to be dangerous and bad parenting) and held myself, and family, back.

Now I am 30 and pregnant with my 5th child and the conventional path is only a memory (sometimes brought into view by visitors and others on the journey to discover their own path). I strongly remember the feeling of not being allowed to do things and how I feel like it made motherhood a weary time in those early years - no mother should have to feel that way.

I don't have all the answers, I have my experience and my education as an herbalist, flower essence practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and birth worker, but each path is different for each woman, each child, and each family. 

Here on Raven & Oak, I hope to help others in birth, postpartum, motherhood, raising natural & whole children, eating healthy, and connecting with the sacred in new ways that help them feel empowered in who they were designed to be. 


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On the blog you will find my writings and rantings on holistic health, homeschooling, and raising wild children. 

Wild Mother medicine podcast

The Wild Mother Medicine Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to open and honest chat talks about motherhood, magic, and plant medicine. You can hear a variety of topics from skoolie living to even some guidelines for teaching essential oils.

Its is unscripted - on my end, its just a list of things that keep me from wandering too far from topic!

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