Holistic & Alternative

Health Services

Take back control your health, whether you are already ill or want to have ongoing wellness. At Raven & Oak, we offer a variety of consults and alternative therapies for you.

Currently, my in person consults and workshops serve the central Louisiana area such as Leesville, Fort Polk, and De Ridder. Many of my services can be done in distant consults, so you don't have to be local to receive the support you deserve. 


Acute Care Consults

Short term issues got you down? Pop in and see me for a 30 minute consult. Here we will talk about your ailment, the energetics of it (like is your inflammation causing heat, which would require cooling herbs), and what you can use to help return your body back to its normal.

1 week later, we will talk on the phone to see how everything worked out for you. Until that point, during business hours you are welcome to email me with questions about your plan.

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Chronic Care Consults

These differ from our short care consults as we are working together to fix longer term imbalances or more complicated imbalances. Western diagnosis that typically fall into this category are anxiety, reproductive health (men and women), indigestion etc. If you unsure if you fall into this category...just contact me.  Most people do fall into this category. This is a 1 hour appointment with 30 minute follow ups at 4-6 weeks and then at 12 weeks. During this time you are welcome to email me with questions concerning your goals and plan. We will cover dietary support, lifestyle support, and herbal support all tailored for you, an individual and what your goals are with our time working together.


Flower Essence Consult

Flower essences work with the healing vibrations of the flower. This has a direct effect on our emotional and mental health. They are gentle and can be used by all (including our 4 legged friends). 

In this consult, we will spend some time talking about what brought you to wanting a flower essence consult and then you will walk away with a list of single essences you can use and have one ounce custom blend, formulated by me (which will then be sent to you as part of the consultation fee). 


Moxibustion Therapy

This beautiful therapy, brought to us from Traditional Chinese Medicine, uses burning aged Mugwort (and various other herbs depending on practitioner and method) to heat the body and move the blood. This make this a great therapy for those with pain, stiff joints and muscles, conditions of stagnation, and conditions of cold.

A moxa treatment with Raven is a 30 minute session that focuses on your troubled spot(s) and then the areas around the troubled spot(s). She uses indirect moxa only, meaning that nothing burning will be in contact with the skin. This included stick moxa and moxa cones on either ginger slice or salt.


Reiki Session

Reiki therapy is energy work where the practitioner lays their hands on the person in different placements to encourage the energy to flow through them. It is a form of stress reduction and relaxation. We can use Reiki for helping with emotions or even in a practice of ongoing wellness.