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The Art of Postpartum Belly Binding and Moxibustion
9:30 AM09:30

The Art of Postpartum Belly Binding and Moxibustion

  • 141 Blue Jay Lane Leesville, LA, 71446 United States (map)
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Bengkung belly binding and postpartum moxibustion are some of my favorite ways to keep the mother warm in the postpartum phase. They encourage healing in the physical, mental, and emotional realms during a time of a womans life where how she is treated will either give her vitality or leave her feeling less.

Come and learn why an how to use a Bengkung belly bind for postpartum women, when and how to use moxibustion on a postpartum mother - and most about this stage of life and how we can use warmth to help her heal. We will discuss some basic alignment points necessary for pelvic floor recovery and life long strength.

Your registration comes with a beautiful organic Bengkung belly bind from a small woman owned business and access to a special members page to reference when needed (and all updates as they come for a lifetime, starting October 2019).

To read more about me - visit my about page.

Cost: $70

To register - contact me

Limited to 10 spots

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Fire Cider Making Community Gathering
1:00 PM13:00

Fire Cider Making Community Gathering

  • 141 Blue Jay Lane Leesville, LA, 71446 United States (map)
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Let us gather as a community and make some powerful plant medicine on the Autumnal equinox- fire cider!

This remedy is a favorite among the herbal community and our home during the cooler months of the year. Combined with the power of creating in community, this remedy will bring warmth to your body and soul for healing.

This is a free gathering - you bring your own ingredients (listed below) and we prepare the cider together. Children are absolutely welcome, as well as those who just want to gather and not make any fire cider - or are fire cider curious!

Ingredients - bring what you can find, fire cider isn’t a strict recipe:

  • Ginger root

  • Horseradish root

  • Onion

  • Garlic

  • Cayenne (either peppers or powder)

  • Jalapeno

  • Lemon

  • Orange

  • Rosemary

  • Turmeric

  • Apple cider vinegar, raw - with the mother

  • Honey (this for after straining so you don’t have to have it for the gathering)

Don’t forget to bring a large jar with lid to put it all in when you are done. A half gallon mason jar works beautifully and can be purchased easily locally. Imperial Hardware in Leesville has a nice collection of mason jars. You can buy a 6 pack for yourself OR split it with other (arrange beforehand as there is no guarantee that people buy it at the gathering).

Knives and graters for preparing the cider are also a good idea but if you don’t have them, we can share.

Please contact me to let me know you are coming.

See you soon my friends.

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Rebozo Workshop for Parents
1:30 PM13:30

Rebozo Workshop for Parents

  • 141 Blue Jay Lane Leesville, LA, 71446 United States (map)
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You have heard about this great tool called the rebozo, but what is it and how do you use it?

Come to this short workshop on the rebozo with your partner and try it out!

Besides uses in labor, we will also cover wrapping the belly for support and using it postpartum.

Please bring with you:

  • a rebozo/pashmina

  • pillow or 2

  • birth ball (if you have one)

  • tennis balls (optional)

The workshop is free, donations to help with Village Prenatals (kicking off in January) are welcome! Tea will be available but bring snacks for yourself.

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Yoni Care Workshop
10:00 AM10:00

Yoni Care Workshop

  • 2268 West Boundary Road Leesville, LA, 71446 United States (map)
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A workshop to learn about taking care of your yoni - for ongoing wellness but also when a discomfort arises.

While the yoni is all about the outer portions of our reproductive parts, this workshop will also include womb care and menstrual health.

Here we will talk about:

  • Yoni steaming
  • Herbs for the reproductive cycle
  • Castor oil packs
  • Natural options for menstrual products
  • Foods during menstruation

You will leave having made a yoni steaming blend for your individual self.

The cost for this workshops is $40 and includes the yoni steam blend and drinks.

Must prepay by 24 hours in advance. 

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