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Child Safe Essential Oil Class

If you have children in the home and are using, or wanting to use, essential oils with them, this is the class for you.

Not all essential oils are safe for young children and in this class, we will cover 5 essential oils that are safe for young children, all the ways we use them, AND get hands on work with proper dilution rates and roller making. You would be surprised at all the uses these 5 essential oils (Lavender, Chamomile Roman, Mandarin, Spearmint, and Tea tree) will cover. 

This includes my ebook "Beginner's Essential Oil" which has 5 essential oil sheets, with what to use them for and recipes for that oil. It also include a handy dilution chart.

Fee covers instruction, ebook, and materials.

Cost:  $30. Must prepay.  1 reduced fee/free scholarship available. Please contact me to apply.