Where does one begin when they are wanting to start the journey to feeling whole again? How can we get back to being in tune with our bodies and listen to what they are telling us? When ailments come, how can we use plant medicine to find wellness again? Lets work together. I offer several consultations to help in several aspect of wellness - both in person and from a distance. For in person services - I serve the Leesville, Fort Polk, Deridder, Alexandria, and Lake Charles communities.

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Whole Health Consultation

Is there something going on with your health that you would like to use plant medicine for? This is the consultation designed for you.

Here we will meet for an hour and discuss what is going on with your health and in your life and what goals you would like to reach from our work together.

At the end of the initial hour, you will have a selection of herbs, essential oils, flower essences, and/or crystals to work with on your healing journey. The following week, your custom tea blend will be sent out.

4-6 weeks later, we meet again to see how things have been working for you. If needed we will reevaluate what you are working with and offer more suggestions. This is usually 30 minutes long

12 weeks after initial, we meet one final time to see how any adjustments made are working for you and talk about long term goals for you and how to reach them. This is also 30 minutes long

~*~In person and distance~*~


*payment plans available

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Flower and Stone Essence Consultation

Vibrational remedies are such a beautiful way to help our emotional and mental health.

In this consultation, we sit down and have a conversation about what you are going through - without judgment or unsolicited advice. This is safe space. I will ask questions to help me understand a little better and perhaps clarify things that may seem murky. This is an hour long.

Afterwards, a custom flower and/or stone essence is created for you. The essence also received Reiki, music, and if I feel guided, some drumming to infuse grounding energy. It is shipped within that following week.

4 weeks later, we meet again by Skype to discuss how things have been going for you. This is about 30 minutes long.

~*~In Person and Distance~*~


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Energy Work Package

The subtle and not so subtle energies of our world can overwhelm and create blockages or stagnation in our energetic selves. Lets work together to be free.

The consultation beings with a conversation about what is going on in your life. This is a place to let it out, no judgment or advice on what to do will given. Space is held for you.

We then move to my table for a session of Reiki. With your permission, I will also place flower essences and stones on or around your body as I feel guided. There will be soft music and aromatherapy going - we will discuss what essential oils you are okay with before you come to my office.

After the Reiki session, we will discuss anything that was brought up during the session - messages, emotions, physical sensations.

I will write down all the flower essences and crystals used during the session so that if you want to have them in your home, you can.

This initial consult/Reiki will last 1 hour.

1-2 weeks later, there will be another Reiki session to continue your journey into healing. Afterwards, another discussion on anything brought up.

This follow up with last 1 hour.

After you go through this package, you can get 10% off the Reiki package.

~*~In Person Only ~*~


*payment plans available

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Reiki Session Package of 6

1 hour sessions - $200

Distance Reiki Package of 4

30 minute sessions - $60

Individual Sessions

15 Minute Chair - $15

30 Minutes - $30

60 minutes - $45

*services provided in my wellness room


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