Companies I Support

Thanks to the internet, we can find thousands of companies for every products we would want to purchase. Unfortunately, not all of them are ethical companies selling quality products.

Below, I have included the companies that I love and use in my home. This is definitely not an exhaustive list and I will update as I come across new brands that I trust.

Chaste berry plant

Chaste berry plant


Mountain Rose Herbs

Bulk Herb Store

Zack Woods Herb Farm

Red Moon Herbs

Frontier (organic) - available in many places including Amazon

Its always important to look at the country of origin when shopping. They will change throughout the year. The bigger companies will switch to overseas origins when the US stock is sold out so if US stock is important, grab more when you see it as US grown.

essential oil bottles.jpg

Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Mountain Rose Herbs - both organic essential oils and hydrosols

Plant Therapy - organic line and hydrosols

Floracopia - essential oils and hydrosols

*YL and doTerra are left off this list intentionally, I do have experience with them.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

Flower Essences


Bach brand - available on Amazon

Healing Herbs - available on Amazon

The Jess Rose - flower/gem essences