About Raven


The journey of plant medicine is never ending. At every curve of the spiral, there is more beauty and wisdom to gain. At every curve of the spiral, there is a new message for you.

You are good. You are loved. You are not alone. You are powerful.

We are good. We are loved. We are not alone. We are powerful.

Plant medicine is nourishing our bodies with real food. Plant medicine is nourishing our bodies with intention. Plant medicine is recognizing that we are whole being that sometimes just need a little guidance.

Plants offer that guidance to us.

Are you listening?


I am a practicing herbalist and traditional midwife, living a little here and a little there with my partner and 5 wonderful children.

I listen to the wisdom of the plants, my intuition, and variety of alternative medicine therapies to provide people with a truly personal experience of healing, on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

I believe in the innate healing power of our bodies and works to remind that to others.

I believe that the best medicine grows right out the back door and work to use bioregional plants and I encourage others to do so. I am passionate about keeping our endangered plants safe through supporting conversation efforts with organizations like United Plant Savers.

I believe that plant medicine is the peoples medicine and want people to feel empowered to take back control of their health with plants and diet.

But my passions don't end with the plants.

I am an advocate for natural living period. I choose organics, local, wild, and non-GMO foods whenever I can. Food is medicine.

As a mother of 4, I am passionate natural childbirth, extended breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapers, and relaxed homeschooling. As my friend Erin says "peace on earth begins at birth"

To me, birth is a non medical event and every.single.woman should get to chose how and where she wants to birth. I support women in taking back their power through birth.

In my home, I strive to live without the invasion of toxins. From the cloth pads during menstruation to the fibers in the rugs.

I strive to be zero waste and minimize our negative impact on the earth.

I am the formulator and maker of all the items in the Etsy shop, Raven & Oak Herbals.

This blog was created to share my passions, to teach about plant medicine, and to remind people of their power, especially women.


Training, Qualifications, & Certifications

Herbal and Alternative Medicine

  • Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health: Family Herbalist and Holistic Wellness (now discontinued)

  • Healthy All Year - Aviva Romm with Healthiest Kids University

  • The Herbal Academy: Intermediate and Advanced Herbal Courses, Art of Herbal Fermentation

  • American College of Healthcare Sciences: Cert. Aromatherapy Program

  • Sacred Medicine Woman course

  • Intuitive Plant Medicine with Asia Suler - One Willow Apothecaries

  • The Healing Art of Moxibustion with Michael Hetherington

  • Reiki 1 & 2 with Aimee Phlegar 

  • 52 Weeks Everybody's Biomechanics with Nutritious Movement 

  • Move Your DNA weekend with Nutritious Movement

  • 68W Combat Medic/Healthcare Specialist in the United States Army (field and clinical work) 

  • A Flower's Power: A Course in the Energetics of Flower Essences with Floracopia

  • An Integrative Approach to Herbal Medicine - Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine

Currently in process:

  •  Herbal Immersion with Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

  • Ongoing education via lectures and webinars at American Herbalist Guild

Birth and Postpartum

  • Birth/labor and postpartum doula through Madriella doulas

  • Sacred Postpartum Level 1 - Mother Roasting - Sacred Postpartum with Sacred Living Movement

  • Aromatherapy for Birth Workers, Postpartum Anointment, and Fear Release through Sacred Scent (a part of the Sacred Living Movement)

  • Novice Rebozo through Gina Kirby

  • Placenta encapsulation specialist through PBiU

  • Certified Sacred Pregnancy instructor, Birth Journey instructor, Sacred Baby instructor through the Sacred Living Movement.


  • ProTraining Blood Borne Pathogen Certification

  • ProTraining First Aid Certification


  • United Plant Savers

  • American Herbalists Guild

  • Herbalists without Borders


I am currently serving the Fort Polk, Leesville, Deridder, and central Louisiana areas. Distance consults are available for those not local to me.