Raven & Oak
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Nature is calling. Will you listen?

It has always been there just waiting for us to return. To gather our food and medicine from the brambles. To nourish the land and the beings that move upon it. To keep our footprint light for the next generations.

Lets walk together through plant medicine, food, and holistic, natural living.



Before we harvest the plants, as seen here with Pasture Rose for our Native Rose Flower Essence, we ask the plant for permission to harvest from them. 



After a harvest, we give thanks to the plants with an offering of either tobacco, gems, or our hair.


Bioregional Medicine

While we can order herbs from all over the world, we strive to grow, wildharvest, and order plants from our bioregion first, then from the rest of the US. We believe that the best medicine grows right out our back doors.

Pictured here is Goldenrod, Solidago spp.