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I didn’t really know why I felt what I felt as a youth and into my early adult years.

I didn’t remember feeling that way as a young child.

And then, I heard it. The message from Mama Earth, telling me what I needed to remember.

I needed to reconnect with her. I needed her medicine.

I took her message and ran. I devoured the her lessons like I had been dying of thirst and found the clearest stream to drink from.

Plant medicine provides me healing — from chronic illness through healing childhood and bloodline trauma.

Plant medicine showed me how to love and laugh and be free.

It reminded me that I am good, that I am whole, and that I am a part of nature — that I am never alone or without an ally.

In gratitude, I fight for her. I pass on her message when I see someone who needs it.

In gratitude, I care for her and love her. I honor her. I worship her.

I am reconnecting.


I am a mother. I am an herbalist. I am a midwife.

I walk with Mother Earth because of her, we all have life. I am grateful.

I walk with the plants because they teach me what I need to know and provide the best medicine for my mind, body, and soul.


 Feel. Follow. Trust.

Your intuition IS right. You do know what is best for you. Feel it. Follow it. Trust it.

Growing up, I felt entirely out of control. My behavior reflected that. When I heard that voice in my head guiding me towards what is best for me - I was labeled as crazy. When I stood up for myself, I was beaten down. I carried burdens that no one — child or adult — should have to carry. Motherhood opened me up to recognizing my intuition but it took me years into my journey to realize how strong our intuition is — how RIGHT that intuition is time and time again.

It guides us to better care for ourselves, it guides us to better care for our children, our partners, and the people we interact with daily. It protects us and heals us.

Its time that we start recognizing our intuition — feeling it, following it, and trusting it when the world tells us we are wrong.

Lets walk down this path together.


Lets make medicine together


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